We Need to Get Out of the Middle East

A few articles ago, I wrote about how entitlement programs make the American people entitled, and how both parties’ unwillingness to touch these programs is bankrupting our nation.

I talked about how we need to significantly cut back on both the number of and the criteria necessary to partake in such government subsidies so that we can put our good (for now) economic numbers and increased tax revenue to good use - Paying down the debt!

In that same article, I discussed the Top 3 expenditures that the United States spends on every year:

  1. Healthcare (think programs like Medicare and Medicaid) - 28%,

  2. Pensions (think programs like Social Security) - 25%, and

  3. Defense - 22%

I discussed why we need to drastically reduce the Top 2, as they’ve made the vast majority of Americans dependent on the government teat. These programs have made the public complacent and fearful, which makes it seem OK when the government comes in and tries to rationalize why it should take our rights away.

In this same article, I defended the military budget. I discussed how having a strong military enables us to not only keep our sovereignty as a nation, but to maintain the liberties we all hold dear.

In the past week, as I’ve thought on this more and more, I’m beginning to think that we need to cut back on our military budget, too - Though not to the same extent as we need to for Pensions and Healthcare.


Well, we have a history of fighting frivolous wars over the past 60-70 years, costing us BILLIONS of dollars, and (more importantly) hundreds of thousands of lives.

Since World War 2, we haven’t won a war we’ve partook in!

The Korean War. The Vietnam War. The failed ‘War on Terror.’

Real Talk: All of these military incursions were pushed to fuel our military-industrial complex, and our need to colonize the world with our ‘democracy’ - Not to protect the American people!

Oh, you thought we were done with imperialism in the early 20th century?


The movie Team America: World Police, while hilarious, is perfectly accurate in terms of the way we’re perceived by the rest of the globe.

This is no more evident than from our time spent in the Middle East - particularly after 9/11.

As a refresher, we were able to tie those attacks to Osama Bin Laden, and the terrorist group, al-Qaeda. Our intelligence placed Bin Laden somewhere in Afghanistan, and we acted swiftly to send troops over there to take him and his evil stooges out.

It seemed to make sense at the time: These scumbags killed thousands of Americans, and aspired to kill us all, and the American way! We had to get revenge!!

Except revenge didn’t come swiftly. And, we went way off course from this war’s primary objective…

As George W. Bush’s presidential tenure came to an end, Barack Obama promised an end to the frivolous ‘War on Terror.’

He promised to bring our troops home, and to lessen our hold on the region.

While we did finally bring Osama Bin Laden to justice with a headshot right between the eyes, we did a whole bunch of other things in the Middle East that simply weren’t necessary…

We started initiatives to rebuild provinces in both Iraq and in Afghanistan. We tried to institute puppet governments that would bring ‘democracy’ to a region of the world that wouldn’t know how to handle it.

FYI, these failed attempts at creating entirely new governments in these countries were just ways for the US to both enhance and to maintain its power in the region.

We’ll save the real reasons behind these initiatives for another time, though…

All in all, we tried to play God in a part of the world where we weren’t welcome, and where our way of life wasn’t going to be particularly effective.

In a recent article in Reason Magazine, author Steve Chapman breaks down some disgraceful statistics regarding the military’s time spent just in Afghanistan:

  • $1 trillion dollars spent on Afghanistan alone in the past 17 years

  • $45 billion spent on Afghanistan in just the past year

  • 2,300 Americans killed

  • 20,000 Americans wounded

We lost another three servicemen this past Tuesday, November 27th, due to their humvee hitting a roadside bomb.

The War on Terror is a front. It’s a waste of our nation’s money, of its time, and, most importantly, of our servicemen and women’s lives.

It’s one thing when our nation is under attack, and we need our military to stand up for us. It’s quite another when we’re pushing an aimless imperialistic agenda that everybody and their mothers know is not going to succeed.

There’s a reason members of the Taliban are quoted as saying, “The Americans have all the watches, and we have all the time."

The Vietcong said something similar when we were in Vietnam, allegedly fighting their communist regime.

No, we do not want communism, socialism, or totalitarianism to prevail in the United States.

Yes, we should fight nations and we should fight terrorist cells that truly threaten American lives.

That said, we don’t have to be the world’s police. We don’t have to intervene in EVERY conflict that seems unjust, or in nations that don’t hold the same values as our own.

Instead, we need to cut back on our federal expenditures. Ending this pointless war in the Middle East would be a great step in the right direction.

Even more importantly, we need to save American lives. We need to stop losing them to terrorist regimes like the Taliban who are more than willing to outlast us on their home turf, and to a failed military agenda.

Let’s bring our troops home!

- Pete