Twitter's Bias Against Conservatives - EXPLAINED

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has long been accused of being a raging hypocrite.

From the banning of Alex Jones, to ignoring anti-white tweets, to the banning of Laura Loomer, Twitter has moved away from being a non-partisan social media platform to being a Left-Wing Propaganda Publisher. 

Back in February, Twitter verified the Anti-Gun Parkland High School students who were organizing the March to Take Away Our Rights.  Oh wait - That was the March for Our Lives.

My mistake… 

Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg were among those that became Twitter-verified. These vehemently anti-2A children have been the most outspoken about having the government infringe on a right that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

Now, Twitter has started notifying people if their Tweets are in violation of Pakistani Sharia Law. More specifically, people who are speaking out against the growing shadow of doom that is Islamic extremism. 

The Pakistani government actually threatened to block Twitter from their citizens if Twitter did not comply with their demands to censor anti-Sharia content. They did this in the past to Facebook - Twice! 

Of course, Jack Dorsey being the spineless libtard that he is, gave into the demands…

The craziest part of this story is that the two people who were notified that they were in violation of Pakistani law, are not from, nor do they reside in, Pakistan.

Saudi Arabian-born human rights activist Ensaf Haidar, who is currently a Canadian citizen, was contacted via email by Twitter’s legal team to notify her of her infraction.

Raif Badawi is her husband. He is currently imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. He has been in prison since 2012 for apostasy, AKA being a non-believer of Islam. 

Imagine people not wanting Sharia law in the United States. Crazy, right?

The Tweet, which was deemed a violation of the law of a foreign government, stated “retweet if you’re against niqab,” in both English and French. It included an image of a woman wearing the traditional Islamic garb, which covers a woman’s entire body apart from her eyes. 

This will have a greater reach than people realize. Any day now, we here at Empire State Conservative Network will probably receive a similar email.

Do we care? Nope! 

I understand if Twitter was cow-towing to the Pakistani government IN PAKISTAN, but clearly neither of these people are citizens of Pakistan, or located in the area of Pakistan.

Here is where Twitter screwed itself: As a super Left-leaning platform, Twitter has to decide whether to stand up to an ideology that oppresses women and gays, or to cave into the Leftist pressure to portray these Sharia Law nations as non-oppressive. 

They definitely made the wrong choice…

Twitter has long been exposed for its bias and, in my opinion, is just a complete waste of time. Besides POTUS tweets melting snowflakes daily, there really is nothing on there. 

That said, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The new conservative social media platform, Parler, has launched, and we will be on there, as well. Hopefully, there is more spine on their Board of Directors than there is on Twitter’s. 

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom,