Transparent Politics

What occurred yesterday between the President and the defacto heads of the Leftist movements in this country (Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) was truly something to see.

It exemplifies exactly how we need to attack and expose the hypocritical Left.

They are frauds.

They largely ran this most recent election season on the biggest lie out there: That Trump is a dishonest liar.

They follow Saul Alinksy Rules for Radicals, in which the playbook of the current Left Wing movement, is fully based on.

One of those directives, paraphrased, is project onto your enemies what it is you are actually doing.

Deflect Blame.

Illuminate perceived weakness, play on the mind.

The Left calls for open discussions, transparency, and open debate on the issues facing our country. One of the biggest issues, as I laid out in my previous bog, is illegal immigration.

On paper, this is an issue that affects ALL AMERICANS, as security and safety are potentially at stake.

It is not a political issue - It’s a common sense solution that benefits everyone, and yet the resistance on the Left has no interest in addressing the problem.

Pelosi, Schumer, and Trump sparred publicly, as the cameras unexpectedly rolled (The President invited them inside). This is something that was virtually unseen in American politics for years!

As Trump pounded home his points about the need for a wall, Pelosi clamored about why he couldn't deliver it with the votes he had.

She was denying the fact that the Senate requires 60 votes for bill passage.

Trump continued to lay out the facts of the case, and she continued to deflect while repeatedly asking for the debate to continue in private, and not in front of the American People.

Why would someone who tried to ride a wave of supposed transparency and her cohort, Schumer, be railing against an open debate on this issue? Why, when they have in fact insisted the President was wrong about it, and that the American People agree with them?

The answer is simple: If the Left’s points and hypocrisies were put on full display as they were yesterday on a consistent and fact-based discussion, the Democratic party would cease to exist.

What keeps them alive is identity politics, and vague but wide-spreading theories on how to fix problems that speaks to the identity groups they seek to exploit through their messaging.

Our message on the Right is better.

It’s common sense almost all of the time, but the Left has done a better job with messaging.

Trump has been the vehicle that has shown others the way to play this to expose these Leftists.

This is the playbook: Force them to make points publicly, show the votes on television, present our points to the public, and leave nothing for the media to report.

Eliminating media spin and combating fake news becomes significantly easier if there is a live, real-time feed showing what’s happening.

The engaged public will be able to formulate their own opinions by watching what actually happened with their own eyes. This is a massive shift in how issues are reported and debated if executed properly.

We have an opportunity.

We must jump on it now.

We have two years to take it all back.

Let’s go!