The Importance of the Second Amendment

The left loves to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

It’s amazing how obsessed they are with this comparison.

They are constantly talking about how Trump is a racist and how he wants to put people in camps. How he wants to be a dictator, and all this other nonsense.

Besides the fact that this is all complete and utter ridiculousness, why would you to take away guns from the people if you think the next Hitler is in power? 

The answer: Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Throughout history, tyrannical governments have been able to oppress and murder their own people.

How can a group of people go so willingly to their demise without fighting back? How did the Nazis kill six million Jews?  How did Stalin, Castro and Mao murder even more of their own people?

They all implemented extremely strict gun control.

Hitler made it impossible for Jews to own guns, as they were no longer citizens under the Third Reich.

When soldiers show up at your door to take your family away, you aren’t likely to fight back if you’re unarmed.

The same goes for Soviet Russia and Communist China - The government can take anything it wants when the people can’t fight back.

Leftists might respond with some nonsense about free speech and right to assembly - Maybe even the right to petition the government.

What do they think protects those rights?

Power comes from the barrel of a gun. Protests and marches are useless and will do nothing but get people jailed or killed when dealing with a tyrannical government.

Heck, even AMC’s The Walking Dead showed last season that you should never give your guns to the government!

If you remember, the Trash People gave their guns to the Saviors after the Saviors promised to give the guns back when needed.

The Trash People handed over all of their guns, and were immediately massacred.

Moral of the story: Never trust the government.

The new measures being proposed by Governor Cuomo here in New York would do nothing but make it nearly impossible for a law-abiding citizen to even afford a gun.

Between dropping the time for pistol permits from five years down to two years, and requiring gun owners to pay for an insurance policy, he is pandering to both the fearful and the weak who believe gun control works. 

The gun grabbers on the Left want everyone to think that if we give up our guns, we will all be safe.

Criminals don’t abide by laws -That’s what makes them criminals.

By restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens, all the government is doing is making innocent people helpless. 

It’s not about hunting. It’s not about going to the range. It’s about ensuring the ability of the people to defend themselves against threats - Both from those whose seek them harm, and from a tyrannical government. 

The last time someone came for our guns it was the British, and we shot them!

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom,

- Evan