Race Baiting - From the Left?

The Left is obsessed with race.

They love bringing up their diversity, and showing both the racial and ethnic differences between members of their movement.

White liberals love bashing white conservatives, constantly and blindly siding with people of color on almost any issue - Regardless of facts.

Colin Kaepernick, illegal immigration, police-involved shootings, and even voter ID laws all trigger this obsession with race.

Facts be damned - Everything comes down to race!

Conservatives are considered bigots, yet they (The Left) are the ones who call Conservative Blacks names like ‘coon,’ ‘Uncle Tom,’ etc.

When Kanye West said he liked President Trump, they disavowed him across the board, calling him things like ‘traitor,’ and ‘mentally ill.’

Now, I’m not a Kanye fan by any stretch - His music is horrible, and his history of antics are just not my cup of tea.

However, when Kanye was bashing George W. Bush for not caring about black people, the Left loved him!

Once he decided to think for himself, and told others to do the same, he goes from beloved to crazy.

I would argue that Kanye has always been Kanye, meaning he’s always been a little nuts. At least when he was championing free thought, he was making sense.

A broken clock is right twice a day, after all...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that she was mistaken for an intern at a Washington D.C. event earlier this week.

Naturally, she dug deep and found the race card - Playing it extremely poorly, I might add!

Of course, she was mistaken for an intern because she’s brown, not because she’s young and new to the political scene in D.C.

It couldn’t be that!

Kamala Harris has also put her foot in her mouth in a major way, calling ICE the new KKK.

Maybe Senator Harris needs a history lesson on the Democrat-founded Klu Klux Klan:

As a refresher, the KKK is a comprised of all-white Protestants who hate Jews, blacks, etc. So, anybody who doesn’t racially, ethnically, and religiously resemble them are the enemy.

All in all, the KKK isn’t a government agency designed to protect our sovereignty. They’re just a racist group whose influence and power has diminished significantly over the past 60+ years!

On the other hand, more than half of ICE agents are Hispanic…

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez constantly ignores facts that don’t support her false narrative.

The Democrats claim Trump is a racist, and that they are the righteous defenders of both the downtrodden and of the oppressed.

If this is true, how come President Trump signed the First Step Act earlier this week? This bill will help to reform prisons, and will help the downtrodden and the oppressed people the Democrats claim to care about.

FYI, 57 Democrats voted ‘No’ on this particular piece of legislation…

How come when the President has helped create the lowest black unemployment since the 1970s, Democrats are still trying to keep people on welfare?

It’s because the Left is so afraid to offend anyone of color that they ignore all facts when it comes to issues.

White guilt is a disease of the Left. Anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a racist. How very progressive of them!

Don’t Lear Fear Take Your Freedom,