Why Should We Continue to Allow the Manipulation By the Media?

More often than not, we have heard President Donald J. Trump refer to the Fake News Media as the ‘Enemy of the People.’ 

The laundry list of achievements, nearly two years into the Trump Administration, has been purposely overshadowed by a barrage of less consequential, frequently retracted stories, described by Trump as an “absolute horror show of lies, deceptions, and malicious attacks.” 

They are categorized as bombshells, dominating a large portion of segments airtime.  The President has been extremely outspoken against this form of trickery, which he believes is doing a strong disservice to the American people.   

However, the President has been subject to both good and bad publicity for the bulk of his adult life. Character assassinations have become the norm, and people, particularly in the public eye, can never be certain as to what side they will fall victim to in today’s society. 

Ironically, another place you may find people expressing displeasure with the media is in professional sports.  What makes this even more interesting is that players, coaches, or those in the front office will call out the media directly.  They do not tolerate any sort of fabrications.  Libelous claims are dealt with swiftly.  

Yet reporters and sport writers still speculate, citing close sources within a particular person’s circle to make the story more compelling. 

Players know firsthand about the media’s true brutality.  

They are applauded as hometown heroes one day, and then unfairly vilified shortly after. 

Infamous jersey burnings and backlash among fans has become the standard. It is hard to overstate the strangeness and absurdity of this hate.

LeBron James has seen his fair share of ruthless media coverage, especially during his tenure with the Miami Heat.  

Journalists were not even trying to remain objective when covering him. Whenever there was an inkling of a story involving James, the media would jump on it like a pack of wild hyenas, looking for anything to weaken his character. 

But, now James appears to be in the media’s good graces.  

Many networks widely covered the opening of the I Promise Schoolin Akron, praising James, but neglected to mention that taxpayers will eventually pay the brunt of the costs.  

The bottom line is that the media is very shrewd. 

It will depict someone or something to best suit the agenda.  They will spare no individual in the process.  It does not matter who you are; there are no limits.  

Any open-minded American knows this in the case.  

So the big question is: Why are more people not addressing this hypocrisy?  Do we as citizens really want to subject ourselves to this manipulation? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear your views on this.

-       Dan