Let's Let the Left Continue to Unravel

It’s been a fun time in the Left’s America over the past 4-5 days…

We ended this past workweek with popular actor and comedian Kevin Hart being shunned from hosting The Oscars mere days after it was announced that he would be this year’s host.


It seems a pair of Tweets from years ago resurfaced (again!). In these Tweets, Hart had made a some homophobic comments that he had previously denounced and apologized for.

It seems that every time Hart takes a step forward in his career, he has to answer for a mistake he made eight years ago.

While Hart did eventually apologize to GLAAD and the LGBT community after initially refusing to apologize for the Tweets AGAIN, he made an Instagram video explaining that he’d removed himself from Oscar hosting duties since he didn’t want to have to deal with the relentless backlash, and that he didn’t want to cast a shadow over the event.

The SJWs didn’t stop with just Kevin Hart, though! They were on a mission!!

You see, on Saturday evening, Kyler Murray won this year’s Heisman Trophy Award.

You’d think that the kid would be praised, as he not only won the most prestigious award in college football, but he’s coming off of signing a $4.5 million contract to play for the Oakland A’s organization starting this upcoming baseball season!

Nonetheless, USA Today writer Scott Gleason decided to rain on Murray’s parade, and pulled up homophobic Tweets Murray made when he was 15.

You heard that right: Tweets from when he was 15 are being used against him on one of the greatest nights of his life!!

Murray quickly denounced the Tweets, and acknowledged the same thing Kevin Hart has on multiple occasions: He didn’t mean to offend anyone. The Tweets are not indicative of how he actually feels about gay people. The posts were made a long time ago, and he regrets posting them.

You’d think that would be the end of it, but you and I both know that the Left is just going to continue to drudge up regretful Tweets and social media posts from many years past to troll people who are more successful than they are…

Normally, I’d be angry about this! Fortunately, plenty of the public already is for me!!

The USA Today piece has been ripped apart by Joe Schmoes and celebrities alike. Nick Cannon called out a bunch of female comediennes for making homophobic references in Tweets past, and talked about the double standard that’s clearly being shown in these instances.

Good for Nick Cannon! Not since Kanye have I been so proud of a celebrity to stand up to the Left-dominated media!!

As an aside, I’d love for Scott Gleason, or ANY SJW blogger, for that matter, to take a look in the mirror, and ask him or herself if they’ve ever said something homophobic, misogynistic, or racist at any point in their lives.

I bet they have! In fact, I’m willing to bet that they’ve done so within the past calendar month - Despite their best and overtly public efforts to get ‘justice’ for the ‘disenfranchised.’

The Left is imploding on itself.

It cheated at the ballot box during the Midterms. It declared a witch hunt on the President that will result in nothing more than the criminal indictment of a few already known-to-be shady characters.

None of those indictments will have anything to do with Russian collusion, but I digress…

It’s nice to see an outpouring of support for both Kevin Hart and for Kyler Murray despite the Left’s attempts to bring them down.

Both men are top-notch at their respective crafts, and from all RECENT reports, they both seem to be good people.

The Left claims to be the social arbiters of our society, and yet, they’re the worst offenders.

The double-standards they employ time and time again are unbelievable!

Need we go into how Louis Farrakhan is still allowed on Twitter, even though he’s Tweeted about the Jews being termites?

Or how New York Times Editorial Board Member Sarah Jeong was hired and continues to be employed by the paper despite her going on tirades about how she wishes white people would die off?

Yeah, that’s fine - Provided they check the appropriate intersectional boxes!

Let’s let the Left continue to unravel. We’ll see what happens in 2020 when it matters most!

God Bless You and Your Family,