Jim Acosta Deserved to Lose His Press Credentials

First off, Jim Acosta is among the worst partisan 'journalists' the world has ever know.

On an almost daily basis, this man makes it a point to ask pointed questions with the intention of trying to make this administration look bad.

If you recall during this Q&A with the president, Acosta asked a couple of questions, pissed the Donald off, and the Donald told him to fuck off.

Acosta refused to hand the microphone over to the young intern shown in the video below, and continued asking his biased and stupid questions.

During this point, the intern tried taking the mic away from him, and - What a shocker! - He did what Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the administration said he did: He placed his hand on her to keep her from taking the mic.

Do I believe this was a violent act? No, I do not.

That being said, do I believe that this man was breaking every moral and ethical code in the book at a presser with dozens of reporters from other outlets present? You betcha!

Acosta has been making a mockery of himself, of his network, and of the President since he was elected, and this was ultimately the straw that broke the camel's back.

Afterwards, this scoundrel goes on CNN, and says he doesn't know what the administration is referring to, and that this is all a big shock to him.


Yet another Leftist cuck who keeps forgetting that there's something called the Internet, and that people can look up full videos of events so they can gain context before believing the MSM's bullshit headlines...

Jim Acosta has no integrity. He has no respect. And he's just a partisan hack.

Good riddance his credentials were pulled! Perhaps his spot can be taken by someone who will actually try to do what he's supposed to do: Report without bias!

Who's with me on that?


The one thing any of us can positively learn from Jim Acosta, is to love ourselves as much as Jim Acosta loves him some Jim Acosta 😂

(Thank you for that line of thinking, Ben Shapiro!)

Looking towards 2020,