Gun Control Doesn't Work

If you believe the Leftist propaganda that guns cause violent crime, then you probably don’t have access to the internet. Or (more likely), you’re too lazy to bother looking anything up for yourself.

Besides the fact that making something illegal does nothing to dissuade criminals from breaking the law, there is staggering evidence that banning guns not only does not reduce violent crime, but cities with stricter gun laws more often have higher rates of violent crime. 

Cities such as Detroit and Baltimore, who have insanely strict gun control laws, are in the top 50 worldwide cities for homicides as reported by Business Insider.

If gun control works, wouldn’t these cities be safer and have fewer murders - Not more? 

How come over 90% of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones?

London, which has implemented not only strict gun control, but also knife control, has seen its crime rate steadily rise so much that it’s surpassed New York City.

Australia implemented a gun ban and has had increased violent crime since the ban was instituted.

The truth is that cities and states with more armed citizens actually have less violent crime. This is because criminals are less likely to attack someone if they think they might be armed.

This is a concept known as target-hardening. Its’ how you protect valuable assets.

Why is it that politicians who advocate for gun control are surrounded by armed guards? It’s because they know that without those guns they are a soft target. 

Soft targets are any easily-accessed area without protection. 

So, a school without armed personnel and a gun free-zone sign is a soft target. Malls are also soft targets. It’s why I shop online.

My apartment is a hardened target.  I have a lock with a deadbolt and a steel screen over the window. I have a barrier that I lock at night that prevents the door from being rammed in. See below:


If someone could somehow manage to get through all of this without waking up the entire neighborhood, I have a 12-gauge shotgun waiting for them at the top of the stairs.  


Odds are I will never have to utilize any of these measures. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to implement them. If it’s a 1 in 50,000 chance I’ll need my security measures, then it’s worth it. 

The same thing can be used to harden targets such as schools and malls.

Having armed guards, or people utilizing conceal-carry turns soft targets into hard targets. Shooters look for the path of least resistance, which is why they usually take their own life once confronted by the police. 

You don’t have to live in fear if you are prepared for any threat. 

Don’t let fear take your freedom,