Battling the 'Tolerant Left'

Many of us have been in the situation that I am about to describe.

You’re at a family gathering. Some ignorant-of-the-facts liberal starts spouting some nonsense they heard from Don Lemon or Rachel Maddow.

You try and bite your tongue, if only to not ruin anyone else’s time. Because you are a civilized human being.

Can’t fix ignorance anyway, right?

Then it gets so absurdly out of hand that you just can’t stand the lies and the nonsensical bull any longer.

When that time comes, I take off the glasses and put on the cape to become “FACTSMAN” deliverer of truth, and destroyer of libtards! 

This leads me to my story, which happened to take place this past Sunday during the Jets game…

I am sitting watching the Jets game with some of my family, and my parents’ friends.

Since the Jets suck, we were inevitably led to side conversations, and if you’re around a group of liberals long enough, this will lead to some crying about something that didn’t go their way.

So, it started with “orange man bad,” and then led to “voter ID laws are voter suppression,” and finally, lands on, “I can’t believe they let Kavanaugh be confirmed after what he did.”

The last straw, however, was “Dr. Ford got nothing out of this.”

Queue Metallica, ‘Enter FACTSMAN!’

The conversation went something like this:

“Did you forget about her free legal counsel? Or the $1 million GoFundMe that she walked away with?”

            “(stuttering nonsense)”

“She came in with nothing solid to back her story and couldn’t even remember basic facts. She was caught in lies throughout the process”

            “Well we are at a point in society where we have to believe all women,” AKA Identity politics and mob mentality.


So, I explain to a 60-year-old man that you cannot ruin someone’s life without a shred of evidence.

He says there is never any evidence.

That is also not true.

He then tries to compare Justice Kavanaugh to a Catholic priest who molests little boys. 

Irrelevant story, trying to get an emotional response about something that has nothing to do with the discussion.

It is almost as if he is so delusional in his thinking that he is completely irrational.

I explain to him that these are two completely different situations, and that due process is not subject to feelings.

I also said that we had to avoid mob rule.

His wife then makes a comment out of the side of her ass to my stepdad saying that his sons have very interesting opinions.

Sorry, the rights afforded to us under the Constitution are not opinions.             

What was the point of all of this?

Well, it just goes to show that many people on the Left are completely delusional when it comes to politics, and in how the country works.

They want us to run on emotions and fear, rather that facts and freedom.

The “believe all women” narrative is just more identity politics.

Identity politics is a form of mob rule.

‘Don’t trust facts. Destroy all people you don’t agree with.’

This is how the Left operates.

Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t believe a friend or a family member who comes to you and says they were sexually assaulted.

Of course, you should support them and help them in any way you can.

The justice system does not work this way. Evidence is important. That’s why if you are assaulted, you should go both to the police and to the hospital so that you can get justice against your assaulter. 

Liberalism comes from several places.

The first and most prevalent among people I know is just ignorance of the facts.

They don’t know enough about the way politics are run to make an informed decision on which side they should be on.

Instead, they just parrot CNN…

The second is that they don’t care.

They are surrounded by Liberals, so they just fall in with the bad crowd. Teenagers do the same thing.

The third and final place that Liberalism comes from is severe emotional or mental issues.

We all know those people. Facts are important, and irrational people will never win an argument based on emotions.

They might think that they have won, but they are already delusional.

Same thing when it comes to “I am a woman - Even though I was born a man. That doesn’t matter! If you misgender me, that is an act of violence equivalent to raping me.”

It’s all nonsense.

I hope that this story gives you hope that you are not alone in being surrounded by ignorance and delusion from the Left.

Please share your stories with us.

Always remember to use facts and logic in an argument, and to keep your cool.

Be Factsman!

Don’t Let Fear Take Away Your Freedom.  

- Evan