Antisemitism by the American Left

Let me start this piece off with a statement that will definitely piss off any Liberal reading this: Donald Trump is the world’s worst Nazi.

If you think Trump is a Nazi, then you have no sense of history, and you’re fully indoctrinated by CNN and the Fake News Media.

Donald Trump is the most pro-Jewish president we have ever had in this country.

He defied the UN and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem.

His daughter is married to an Orthodox Jew.

He is pro capitalism, pro free speech and pro gun.

Nazis were socialists who used gun control and fear tactics to control Germany before and during World War II.

They hated capitalism and free speech, and used violence to silence their detractors.

Sound like a group in America that we see a lot of? That’s correct: Liberal America.

For this piece, I’m going to stay away from Far Left cucks like Antifa. Instead, I am going to focus on those who claim to be the tolerant part of America…

You know, the college students and famous antisemites in the American spotlight.

Let’s start off with American college students: Possibly the most ignorant and obnoxious group of people on the planet besides Google-eyes Ocasio-Cortez.

Now that is not a shot at our Conservative brethren fighting the good fight, but a shot at the Liberal indoctrination factories that many college campuses have become.

Places like UC-Berkley claim they are fighting hate speech by rioting against people like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannapolous, while promoting Pro-Palestinian groups they have on campus such as Gays for Palestine.

Besides the sheer stupidity of this group (they kill gays in Palestine, by the way), Palestine is run by Hamas, a terrorist organization that has publicly called for the extermination of the Jewish people.

Leftist college students claim that Palestinians are victims of Israeli occupation, and that the IDF is murdering innocent protestors.

In reality, the IDF is protecting its citizens who live near the border fence from violent terrorist attacks.

Next, we move on to everyone’s favorite antisemite, Louis Farrakhan.

An unapologetic Jew hater, as the leader of the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan has been outspoken about his pro-Hitler views. He’s not against calling Hilter a great man, while calling Jews termites and scum.

People like Farrakhan and Al Sharpton aren’t shocking.

The worst part is that these people have widespread support amongst Leftists in this country.

Will Smith has given money to Farrakhan, and photos have surfaced showing former President Barack Obama consorting with Farrakhan before his presidential run.

Obama’s support of Palestine and BS anti-Israel actions are bad enough, but can be explained away by his weak stomach and desire not to make anyone in international politics upset.

Maxine Waters (REP California, D) even attended a Nation of Islam meeting where Farrakhan defended Palestinian suicide bombers. The ties of the Democratic Party to antisemitic figures is , to say the least.

So the Democrats who claim Trump is a Nazi consort with actual Nazis, support terrorist groups such as Hamas, AND advocate for the implementation and use of Nazi policies and tactics such as socialism, gun control and mob violence to shut down dissident free speech.

Sounds like the Leftist mob should be looking in the mirror when crying Nazi.

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