The 3 Most RIDICULOUS Statements I Heard at Thanksgiving Dinner...

If you hadn’t already heard about my #walkaway moment, then I really implore you to read my first article on this site, titled The Many Things That Caused Me to Wake Up and Walk Away.

In summary, I walked away due to a few different points throughout my twenties where the glass shattered. It was at those moments that I realized that I’d grown up in a giant Liberal indoctrination bubble, and that much of what I learned in regards to economics and social policies was flat our WRONG!

While I’m fortunate to have escaped the Liberal indoctrination bubble, many of my relatives haven’t only remained stuck inside of it, but they’ve remained blissfully numb to the reality that they’re even in it in the first place!

Think a willing Truman Burbank from The Truman Show…

Without further adieu, here are the three most ridiculous political statements I heard at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table this year:

  1. ‘I really believe that CNN and MSNBC are the heroes of our time!’

Somehow, I managed to not engage with this absolutely abhorrent statement from a now-retired attorney of close to 40 years. What made it worse was that this comment was made to my ailing 83-year-old grandmother who believes everything she watches on TV.

While I pat myself on the back for not starting a civil war in my parents’ household while asking for the stuffing, my mind did become a raging torrent flooded with rivulets of thought upon hearing this absurd statement!

My main thought in regards to CNN being called a hero of our time? I thought, and I quote, ‘HA HA. HA HA HA HA. HA HA….’

2. ‘Trump should just let those poor migrants near Tijuana in.’

Um, no. He shouldn’t.

As Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton have all stated in regards to illegal immigrants during their presidencies, ‘We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws.’

If these migrants want to declare asylum at a port of entry, great! Let them go through the proper channels, and then their weeks’ long trip might end up being worth it for all sides after all.

If these same people think that they can just sneak in and continue to disrespect our nation’s sovereignty, well, that’s why we have military personnel down there warding off those who wish to enter illegally.

We’re a compassionate nation, but come on - You can’t just let ANYBODY in! Anybody take a look at Great Britain, lately?

3. ‘Isn’t she a Trump supporter? You shouldn’t hire her husband, then, to do work on your house.’

This was said by my little brother of all people!

Long story short, my parents recently bought a new house. They need a certain type of contractor to do a certain type of work.

My dad had recalled that my uncle’s secretary’s husband, who had done good work for my parents before, might be a viable option for said work.

The above was my brother’s response…

I just don’t understand why the Left can’t play nice. They act like they’re the moral superiors, and that anybody who disagrees with their candidate or with their policies is a bad person who can’t be trusted.

The flaws in the logic here are ridiculous!

For starters, I know many good people who happen to be on the Left. They’re just ignorant when it comes to both the economic and the social consequences of their hot topic policies of the day, but that’s OK!

Conservatives are never given the same kind of decency when the shoe’s on the other foot…

Second, prior to my brother’s response to my dad’s recommendation, this man had already proven he could do good work in the area my parents need work done in. Since he’s already proven his worth, he’s a viable candidate - Regardless of his political, religious, or any other personal beliefs.

Think about it: When you get your clothes dry-cleaned or stitched up, you take them to the local guy or gal because you know, like, and trust them.

I doubt you spend any time discussing politics, or judging them for anything outside of the quality of work that they do!

One of the positive takeaways I took from Thanksgiving Dinner this year is that my younger cousins (in their mid-to-late teens) are NOT nearly as indoctrinated as many of the folks in my generation (the Millennials), the Gen-Xers, or the Baby Boomers are.

They were perfectly aware of how they’re being indoctrinated, and as a result, their minds are much more open to policy proposals from both sides of the aisle.

Hopefully, with your help in sharing our content, we can help more New Yorkers (both young and old!) see the light, and join the only side that’s best for the preservation of our inalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

God Bless You and Your Family,