The Real Reason for Slavery Reparations

Slavery is one of the many evil scars marring the body of humanity.

This presence of evil in man has gashed every corner of our world.

Today, we are hearing much about America's sin of slavery, and that The Descendants of Slavery deserve Reparations.

I have never been a slave owner, and my friend has never been a slave.

This would devour our country with division, and collapse the economy-- Which is what they want!

This, friends, is political theater.

There are people behind the scenes who are like directors orchestrating a script.

You’ll then see an 'actor' or the 'messenger' that comes along - These include AOC, Cory Booker, etc.

With a cult of personality and a radical new idea, the cult becomes energized, and the mainstream debunks it while the Right laughs it off.

Then, a moderate version comes along with a lot of new wording, and all of a sudden it's, 'We'll do that - This is a compromise for the greater good!’

Then, it's law…

This is how you change a nation with Creeping Socialism.

It is beyond repulsive that a social ideology will piggyback or vanguard on this evil to forward their motion, but this is what losers do...

You see, following the script of Social Revolution is to install or to create both chaos and calamity.

A race war would certainly do that.

The first scene was played in 2008...

The Left Wing, like a true narcissist, blames the Conservatives for dividing us, when in fact, it’s exactly what they are doing with motions like this!

They are intentionally trying to split America apart with a false hope that their side will be bigger.

By forwarding this motion of reparations, they know they will rile up both sides - That's the sick and twisted part.

They will be sorry!

Friends: 2020 is quickly approaching, and this is our opportunity to start the comeback!

Winning is not done in idle, and we have to put our foot on the gas in order to support conservative candidates.

Do your research, follow Empire State Conservatives, support liberty, support the cause, AND VOTE.

Because, as Traci Belmonte so eloquently stated, "Socialism is the only ideology you vote your way into, but have to shoot your way back out."

Stand up, New York!

Jeff Moore