President Trump Displayed Brilliance in His Salute to America!

The President's Salute to America is not a cause for concern regarding a totalitarian regime, but rather, a shot across the bow to the effects of both Globalization and to the Rise of New Age Communism.

The globalist movement took great leaps forward under the 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama.

The undermining goal was to weaken the US Military and its stance around the globe. This would usher in a 'New World Order.’

The Obama Administration downgraded, defunded, and demoralized the US Military, which sent strong signals to both his allies and to our adversaries.

This Anti-American Globalist even talked about eliminating the Navy!

Soon after his World Apology Tour, Obama cut the military budget, all while freezing salaries and slowing new recruitment.

This, along with sweeping social reforms and restructuring, destroyed military morale, which weakened the world's greatest force of Liberty around the world.

ISIS and Islamic terror activity expanded under Obama's watch, even while we were at war on two fronts against it!

To further this point, he also opened the doors to Islamic refugees - Some of who now sit in Congress! But I digress…

The biggest adversary to globalization in the New World Order is the US military.

President Trump is no fool.

What's more: The New Age Communists (I.e. Social Democrats) voiced their disdain for America and its rich history in the preceding Democratic Debates for President.

In summary, they all threw low-blow lies at our President.

The USA's 243rd birthday party might have been crashed by this showcasing of the New Age Communist purveyors vying for the presidency, since every single one of them spouted Anti-American Rhetoric.

In yet another attempt to crash this party, a propaganda campaign was put forth using a left-wing puppet (Colin Kaepernick), and his manufactured platform to call for the removal of the Betsy Ross American Flag from an American Apparel company’s new product line set to debut on the Fourth of July.

This was done with much fanfare and with much media attention.

The President is a prolific counter-puncher, so if you're going to throw jabs and low blows at the things that he loves (like God, family, and country), you're going to get a haymaker!

President Trump is brilliant in his understanding of marketing, promotion, production, and image outside the political box.

Let's face it: 'Fake News' was not a thing four years ago!

The Fourth of July salute to America was a brilliant move in counter-propaganda, and it was not unprecedented in American history…

Presidents Reagan, Nixon, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, FDR, and others have all used military processions during their terms to promote patriotism and peace through strength.

This is not Moscow or Tiananmen Square - No one died here! Thousands of Americans came willingly to partake in this patriotic salute to Independence and Liberty.

This is not China. This is as American as the Betsy Ross American flag!

The recanting of our historical strength and freedom-fighting prowess was inspiring to our Patriots, all while being deafening to the Socialists.

We didn't defeat an Oppressive Monarchy, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy and the Union of Soviet Socialists in the Cold War with snowflakes and peace rallies!

A great leader once said, ‘Peace is achieved through strength!’

Peace. Through. Strength.

This mission statement shows both our allies and our adversaries that we are proud of our people, our strength, and that we’re back on our game.

I absolutely loved this salute to America's military, and to the people who sacrifice and put their lives on the line for it.

It was absolutely worth the cost of fuel to showcase a symbol of American strength and freedom in the Public Square on Independence Day.

Freedom isn't free.

Bravo, Mr. President. Here's to four more years!

Stand up, America!

Jeff Moore