The Myth, The Lie, and The Injustice of Socialism: Part 10 - Hippies, Communists, and Iran

The 1970s were truly a turbulent time in the USA.

OPEC and Iran humiliated President Carter.

The liberal voices of the Sixties carried protests and rallies to a fevered pitch, with issues under contention for civil rights, feminism and abortion.

These, in addition to the issues surrounding gay rights, Watergate, and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the rise of an Evil Empire surged…

Communism was not contained by the Truman Doctrine, or any other of the following US presidents - That is, until Ronald Reagan!

Vietnam as a whole was lost to the Communists, and millions suffered.

North Korea became emboldened in its dictatorship and the oppression of its people, while Mao's Communist China continued its crimes against humanity.

Without the will to win politically, the US was forced out of both Korea and Vietnam.

The American Soldier came home from Vietnam disgraced, and was literally spit upon - Not because of their courage or their valor, but because of their government.

With discontent in the Homeland, an inflated economy, and the fear of engagement, the US pulled back on its containment agenda of Communism.

Many nations, both large and small, continued to rise to the myth, and then fall to the lie of Socialist-based Communism. 

Most notable is Cambodia, and the Communist monster Pol Pot, who ruled from 1963 until 1981.

His hardcore commitment to Communist failure led Cambodia with both a Stalin and a Mao-like charge.

Pol Pot was a great Maoist, following his master's playbook straight into hell.

He replayed this murderous game with famine, labor camps, death marches, executions, and even live burials - All in the name of a ‘Worker's Paradise…’

 A Failed Economic Policy

The Myth of socialism is that it creates a ‘worker’s paradise,’ and a utopian, classless society.

The Lie is that this can be achieved through a form of Socialism. 

The injustice is the vanguard of both these myths and these lies to create an authoritarian government that cares not about the working class!

At home, President Jimmy Carter had his hands full with inflation and high unemployment, exacerbated by an Arab oil embargo.

The oil embargo was initiated by Islamic countries (OPEC) in response to the US support of Israel.

The USSR was surging, while America was being dismantled by discontent.

We were being humiliated by Iran and the other Arab nations that made up OPEC.

Despite what his conservative critics might say, history reveals that President Carter refused to expand on the welfare programs that were initiated by LBJ, and carried over by President Ford during this subsequent downturn of the economy.

He instead told everyone that they should wear a sweater…

Jimmy Carter's biggest triumph was bridging a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel - The first between Israel and an Arab state!

The 39th President of the United States then angered Islamic revolutionaries by showing support to the Shaw of Iran, who was a dictator opposed to Communism.

It is noteworthy to mention that although Islam has always been a major player in global ideology, Islamic conflict with both Communism and Capitalism reached epic, world stage proportions in the 1970s. 

After Iranian Rebels ousted the Shah, and replaced him with the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (the Imam of Iran), they humiliated the US by holding 52 American hostages for 444 days.

In 1979, the Soviet Union brutally invaded Afghanistan.

This became the Soviet Union's Vietnam, and in this proxy war, both President Carter and his successor, Ronald Reagan, supported Islamic opposition.  

Common enemies make for strange bedfellows...

Both capitalists and socialists have used Radical Islam in their epic battle of ideology, with Islam gaining each time!

The Jihad grows stronger by being fed with technology, weapons, intelligence, counterintelligence, and the modern era of 'Social Justice.'

The Communist mantra is that Communism is not complete until it conquers the world by any means necessary.

Radical Islam is on a similar world quest…

Meanwhile, both Capitalism and the US have freed more people from poverty and oppression than any other ideology or nation known to man. 

Are you getting this?

The hostages being held in Iran were not released until Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President on January 20th, 1981.

Reagan soon became the most powerful conservative political figure (to this point) in American history.

He was also the most influential…

As you’ll recall, a liberal movement was activated in the 1960s.

Building on its triumphs in feminism and civil rights, the nation began to see protests for the right to abort a baby - As well as lobbies for gays, lesbians, and transgendered people. 

In addition, the concept of Environmentalism was coined. 

The 1970s saw a president who was in over his head with the rise of a fearful Communist Superpower, rising Inflation, and the traditional American Family eroding with a rise in divorce, fatherless children, and abortions.

Next up: The Reagan Remedy.

Stand up, America!

Jeff Moore