Creeping Socialism...

The Communist Manifesto states that this ideology is to be implemented by force and revolution in order for both Utopia and a ‘Worker's Paradise’ to be realized.

This, however, is not the only way for socialism to take over a free market economy, or a representative constitutional republic…

The other way to do it? Democratically, with Creeping Socialism.

The means to the end may be different, but the goal is the same: A powerful, central government.

Much is argued about the different variations of socialism and communism.

Statements like, 'That's not my socialism!,' ‘Socialism is not Communism!,' and ‘Democratic Socialism.’

Some even argue that socialism is not communism, because it predates Marxism…

This much is true: The birth of socialism dates back to Robert Owens in New Harmony, Indiana, in 1825.

See my piece, The Myth, The Lie, and the Injustice of Socialism: Part 2 - The Origins, by clicking here.

Let me explain something to you: Communism, Fascism, and Totalitarian Dictatorships start with Socialism.

Vladimir Lenin correctly stated that the goal of socialism is communism. 

Simply put, it's like a gateway drug…

Socialism is the vehicle the carries the power to a totalitarian dictatorship.

Socialism centralizes power where absolute power becomes absolute corruption - Every time.

Socialism's goal is communism - Every time!

Once full control had been received the dictators Implemented their own spin or ‘ism,’ such as Stalin-ism and Mao-ism.

Heck, even Nazism and Fascism were born from Socialism!

The goal of Democratic Socialism is New-Age Communism.

The Social Democrats have chosen Creeping Socialism, because socialism's biggest adversaries are a thriving Free Market Economy, as well as the standing Second Amendment that has freedom-fighting Americans armed for their own protection.

The results of a violent Power Surge from the Social Democrats would be dismal to their cause, so instead, they choose to dismantle the free market, chip away at the Constitution, and dissolve the United States of America from within - Through democratic means…

The Democrats often say that their motions are to protect our democracy.

This is either a lie or it’s pure ignorance.

The United States is not a democracy, but a Representative Constitutional Republic.

Our Founding Fathers did not authorize mob rule.

Today's socialists utilize the same tools of manipulation as their forefathers: Propaganda and Cult of Personality through control of the mainstream media, through indoctrination in public schools, and through the changing of laws that support their power grab.

The evil agenda is always cloaked in the lie of nobility.

We have painfully seen this here in New York as plain as day.

The Dream Act was passed this year.

It gives illegal aliens assistance to go to college.

Thousands of American, New York families struggle to send their children to receive a college education, and yet New York has set forth a program that makes it easy for illegal immigrants to attend these same academic institutions.


Because it indoctrinates them into their thinking process, and it gives them state identification while simultaneously padding their voting base.

The lie of nobility is that having more educated people in our society will be good for the economy. 
See also, The Real Reason for the Dream Act on our blog, published February 6, 2019.

The Safe Act 1 and 2 use propaganda and fear-mongering to chip away at the Second Amendment, which is specifically added to the Constitution to defend us from an oppressive government.


The USSR, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, and Venezuela are just a few of the countries in recent history that had very strict gun laws...

The lie of nobility is that this will protect us from gun violence.

A related article, Why Socialism is Against the Second Amendment was published on our blog on February 12, 2019. 

The Green Light Bill is a Green Light to Socialism.

The Green Light Bill will give a State-issued ID (a Driver's License), which is a privilege and not a right, to illegal aliens that are in this country illegally, thereby breaking our laws, and endangering both our National and our State security. 


This bill manipulates the vote, not only by issuing a state ID, but by padding the Democrats’ voter base.

The lie of nobility is that this will make our roads safer, and that it will increase the income at the Department of Revenue.

"Yet the wisdom of Rome's rulers encouraged open migration, as they somehow thought this would improve upon the depletion of viable young men…. The migrants fought with and stole from the natives, and depleted Rome's tax base and revenue. Once they had settled in, Rome no longer had the resources to move them out. Then, Rome Fell From Within." - Fall of Empires, found on the ESCN blog March 26th, 2019.

The Social Democrats have instituted a coup attempt - Not in a October Revolution fashion, but in a fashion that slowly and fundamentally changes America.

Creeping Socialism changes laws and attitudes by chipping away at both the strongest and the longest-lasting government document ever drafted: The American Constitution.

We have to Rally the Conservative vote!

There is a Groundswell of conservative activism growing in the state ,and we can see it right here at Empire State Conservative Network.

We can also see it in new candidates Rising for 2020, like Liz Joy in the 20th Congressional District. 

Join the good fight - Support your local, state, and federal conservative candidates.

Support Empire State Conservatives to help nominate and rally the vote for the representatives that support 'We the People.’

Stand up, America!
Jeff Moore