The Equality Act Proves the Degradation of Our Society

Here's a fact: There are only two genders in the human race - Male and female.

You're not entitled to choose your gender - God does that!

Here's a feeling: I'm a man, but I identify as a woman. 

Government entities manipulating and encouraging this disorder to vanguard a power grab is not only disturbing - It’s corrupt!

This bill prohibits an individual from being denied access to facilities, such as restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms, in accordance with what gender they 'identify' as.

This bill defies not only human nature, but it opens the door to Pandora's Box of Sodom and Gomorrah. The consequences of its passing will be grave…

Let's face it: Claiming to not know what gender to identify as is a mental disorder. It’s an effect from the degradation of our society.

Remember when boys were boys, and girls were girls, and no one was confused about it?!

Corrupt politicians in Albany are focusing on feelings to make people think that they are going to be happier whilst in moral decay

Unfortunately, this is an easy sell…

‘If it feels good, do it,’ is an easy sell compared to that of being both morally and factually correct.

Life may seem easier when the decisions are made for you by the government, but what is gained in the word games of ‘equality’ is actually a loss of liberty that will likely lead to the dismantling of the First Amendment!

The decisions seem easy and inconsequential because the government says it's okay. The government then becomes the moral compass of the people.

If your government becomes your moral compass, and if your government represents God because it is perceived as being all-powerful and all-knowing, then you have a big problem!

Feelings can be pounced on and manipulated into a fever of emotional energy.

Facts tell the truth, and sometimes, the truth hurts...

What we are witnessing here is a Degradation of our Society in lieu of that mythical Utopia.

That's corruption. 

That's how Socialism works!

Stand up, New York!

Jeff Moore