A Gust of Fresh Air is Headed For NY's 20th Congressional District

A stench of corruption has lingered in Albany for far too long, but the radar shows a strong gust of fresh air moving into the political climate of upstate New York.

That Fresh Air is Liz Joy, who you can check out at http://joyforny.com

Mrs. Joy is the mother of four, a native to Upstate New York, and a resident in the 20th District. All this, in addition to being a businesswoman, an author, and a pillar in the community.

This Wind of Change will bring with it the seeds of restoration to New York.

She will bring a return to both normalcy and to traditional American values, such as:

  • Respecting all life, from womb to passing.

  • Securing both our borders and our National Security.

  • Encouraging a strong, free-market economy by decreasing government overburden, and by increasing the value of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Empowering women with both the freedom and the protection of the Second Amendment.

If you believe in both the Constitution and in the foundation that this country was built upon, Liz Joy is our candidate.

"Our nation is worth fighting for!,"  Mrs. Joy wrote in her campaign announcement on May 20th, 2019. "Now is the time to STAND UP for our state, and to put integrity back into the House of Representatives’ 20th District Seat. This seat belongs to 'We the People,’ and not to a Socialist Agenda."

Liz also told to the Daily Gazette on April 29th, 2019,"The 2020 elections are literally going to be a showdown between voting life to our small businesses and the ability to flourish, or voting death by more taxes and regulation."

Liz Joy holds the Constitution close to her heart, and will fight to protect the document that protects 'We the People.’

Join me in voting for Liz Joy for Congress, and the Winds of Change that will not only gust fresh air into New York, but will start to lift out the stench of corruption in Albany.

Every vote counts!

Stand up, New York!

Jeff Moore