The Myth, The Lie, and The Injustice of Socialism: Part 9 - Indecision in Vietnam

The proxy wars between Capitalism and Socialism engulfed both Vietnam and America into a hellhole of indecision.

The indecision (or lack) of a decisive plan to victory was based on a rational fear of a head-to-head global war with the Soviet Union.

The policies became one of containment in an attempt to slow the "domino effect" of communism.

Over 20 years of that thought process led to the destruction of countless American families, to the fracture of American citizens, and to the ignition of the radical Left wing. 

I have talked with veterans of this conflict - They said that they had orders like, 'Don't fire unless fired upon,’ and remarked, 'We were fighting with one arm tied behind our backs', as well as, 'The only thing that mattered was body count!'

My research seems to support these claims, so let's dive in…

The United States’ involvement in Vietnam occurred shortly after World War II, and it entangled the policies of five US presidents.

In the late 1940s, a Vietnamese revolutionary movement led by Ho Chi Minh (and backed by the Soviets) expelled the Japanese, and beat the French back from reclaiming what was once their colony.

The United States and its allies refused to recognize the Ho Chi Minh communist government, and President Truman began supporting the French in their efforts to reclaim the colony.

This was better than a communist takeover!

Money and war material were funneled to the French, and by the end of Truman's final term, the United States had financed over 40% of the French reclamation effort.

Even with this, the French lost - And badly!

Dwight D. Eisenhower increased the aid, and pressured France to, “Get off their fannies!!”

Already heavily committed, the United States feared grave global consequences if it were to withdraw …

We also feared a head-to-head battle with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.

President Eisenhower explained the conflict as the "domino effect" of governments falling to the Communist’s World Takeover agenda.

In 1954, the United States engaged in a heavy internal debate about sending troops into Southeast Asia.

We concluded that the stakes were just far too high…

France and the Viet Minh agreed to divide the country into Ho Chi Minh's communist North, and the French-influenced South.

Ngo Dinh Diem subsequently rose to power in South Vietnam.

Diem was a corrupt autocrat who rigged his elections, and the US found itself in a precarious situation by supporting him both financially and militarily.

In 1956, an uprising was growing against the unpopular regime, and this bothered then Senator John F. Kennedy, who said, "This is our offspring.” 

By 1963, tumultuous demonstrations in Saigon made it clear to the Kennedy Administration, which was quite confident after the Cuban Missile Crisis, that Diem had to go.

On November 2nd, 1963, the US supported the South Vietnamese Army, executed Diem, and seized control of the government.

Three weeks later, JFK was killed by an assassin's bullets…

President Lyndon Johnson engaged the soft step of going to war without the will to win.

LBJ made statements like, "We shall neither act as aggressors, nor tolerate aggression."

He also said, "We intend to bury no one, and do not intend to be buried.” 

To me, this sums up the outcome of Vietnam: There is no such thing as fighting a war halfway!

Sending well over 60,000 American men and women to die in the jungles of Vietnam, and to be both physically and mentally wounded for life, is a disgrace to the great people who have worn the flag in forward motion.

It was only a matter of time before trust in an executive war and juxtaposition wore thin.

Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy had all sent ‘War Goods’ to South Vietnam.

They all maintained a half-hearted proxy war.

Now, the mess belonged to LBJ!

The presidents before him were not willing to declare war, and Johnson vowed not to be the first.

It was high time to fully commit or to get out, and Lyndon Johnson did neither.

He continued to tap-dance and send American men and women into hell!

Sending American soldiers into battle under 'restrained action' is like sending our men into war with one arm tied behind their backs…

Since the end of World War II, the United States had entangled, exacerbated, and even provoked the communist conflict in Vietnam.

While the policies hadn’t changed much, the stakes sure did!

LBJ was afraid to attack, and yet afraid to retreat.

Approximately 60,000 sacrificed American soldiers died in the jungle hellhole of Vietnam.

President Johnson promised not to send troops to Vietnam, but he did.

He did it without declaring war.

His catastrophic failure in Vietnam convinced him not to run for re-election, which allowed the entrance of Tricky Dick…

Richard Milhous Nixon, Eisenhower's vice president, was often critical of his predecessors for not being aggressive enough.

Despite this, he campaigned in 1968 on the promise to de-escalate the war swiftly, and to succeed where previous presidents had failed.

President Nixon's 'Vietnamization' plan was to transfer the burden to South Vietnam.

Instead, he actually broadened the conflict!

In 1973, the President pulled the US Military from the jungles of Vietnam, and promised Saigon that the US would continue to provide both air support and war materials.

As Watergate unfolded, he failed to deliver on that promise…

The South Vietnamese government quickly collapsed due to both the deprivation of our support, the corruption of its regime.

In 1975, North Vietnamese tanks rolled into Saigon, and seized both command and control.

Thousands upon thousands fled the brutality of the new socialist government, while thousands more were executed!

Five American Presidents failed Vietnam, failed America, and failed the men and women who diligently serve this Nation with honor.

As General MacArthur pointed out during our time in Korea, “We didn't have the will to win.”

The incomplete and indecisive policy failed Vietnam…

What's more - It failed the honor, the courage, and the diligence of the American Military.

It disgraced the Nation.

As our very own Evan says at the end of each podcast, “Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom!”

Stand up, America!

 Jeff Moore

Coming Soon: The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Reagan Revolution.