What Do Losers Do?

Think back for a minute to when you were a kid, and you were playing either organized sports, or just a backyard game…

Do you remember the kids who were always complaining? The ones who always made up lies about why they were losing?

After their excuse-making, these same kids would want to change the rules to place the game in their favor, because they knew that they could not beat you (or their opponent) fair-and-square.

Despite all this, and despite still losing, they always said that it was someone else's fault.

In a nutshell: Blame, blame, blame!

This is what losers do - Not lose, per se… Instead, it’s how they handle failure.

No one really loses. You win, or you learn.

That is, unless you're a Democrat!

This mentality has since morphed into the everyone gets a trophy ideology.

Strikeout Johnny, who couldn't hit a beach ball with a broom bat, should have been tickling the ivory instead of swinging the wood, but he got a trophy, anyway!

What did he learn?

He learned that nobody wins.

He learned that we are all entitled.

He realized one day when it was way too late that he should have taken up the piano, instead of continuing to dabble in sport.

We now have a Democratic Party fueled by both the entitlement and the victim philosophies.

What are the Democrats doing?

This nonsense started after the Clintons lost in 2016 - They couldn't believe that they’d lost to a non-establishment politician.

The fix was in, and Trump beat the fix!

The Democrats started to come unglued.

'Find something, and stick it to him immediately! Feed the hate. Russians, pornstars, taxes - SOMETHING! There has to be dirt, everyone has dirt!'

They plotted against the President and his administration, because they are losers.

The #metoo allegations levied against both the President and Justice Kavanaugh since 2016 reek of desperate loser-dom.

Countless hours in taxpayer money spent on frivolous investigation and hearings - Not one lie could they make stick!

Why? Because they're losers…

As the electoral season of 2020 approaches, the candidates have aligned themselves with loser principals and loser ideologies.

The first thing they want to do is change the rules.

'Play fair so we can win!,' the little snowflake cried…

The Globalists want to abolish the Electoral College.

This would result in a true and fundamental change to America, in that this nation would become a nightmare!

The Left wants to do this because they hold sway in densely populated urban areas.

They are also (in many cases) Sanctuary Cities contributing to voter fraud.

The Electoral College is the most ingenious election system to assure voting balance across a large, diversely populated geographical area.

This is the United States of America: Each state has equal say, and the population of each state is different.

California should not decide for Kansas, nor should New York decide for North Dakota!

City people telling rural people how to live would be unjust.

51% deciding mob rule over 49% is not the American way!

The United States of America has never been, and was never designed to be, a democracy.

That is a myth!

The USA is a constitutional, representative Republic!

Look it up - There is a big difference!!

Removal of the Electoral College is a big cog in the machine. Its loss would be a huge detriment to American Life.

The Democrats don't care about justice - They care about power!

The other rule that they want to change is the voting age.

This would be done precisely to bring the voting age closer to the indoctrination age!

They want to give the vote to a huge block of people that have never worked a day in their lives - Can you believe that?!

How about this for a voting law:

You must first free yourself from both governmental and parental subsidies (or stipends) to the point of self-reliance to secure your right to vote.

Democracy as mob rule would be a catastrophe!

It would split us into two very distinct classes: The ruling class, and an indoctrinated amoeba-like life form with three hots and a cot.

Lastly, a loser will always overestimate themselves, and subsequently, underestimate their opponents.

President Trump has been underestimated since before he was even elected, while the Democrats overestimated what would be the results of their smear campaigns.

President Trump might not be underestimated this time around, but Empire State Conservatives will be!

Join the winning team. Join now.

Secure your freedom. Secure your liberty. 

Walk away from both the loser ideology and the victim mentality, and don't ever get tired of winning!

Stand up, America!
Jeff Moore.