The Abortion at Mike's Diner

I walked into Mike's on a cold, rainy Tuesday night here in Schenectady.

" Hey, Jeff! Good to see you, man. Coffee?,” asked Mike, the owner.

Nodding my head in agreement, I added, "Two eggs over-easy, home fries, bacon ,and rye toast, my man."

“The usual, you got it… Hey, Jeff, I got a question for you? "

"Yeah, Mike, what's up? "

"What do you make of this infanticide b*******, anyway? I mean, I get you, man -There is a socialist movement going on, like a coup or something, and I understand about government-controlled economy, but killing babies? Tell me something, smart guy," he said in that New York, ball-busting kind of way, "how did this happen in America? Wait, I know you - You're gonna' tell me it's socialism, right? It's just some evil feminazi bull***t, man, that's what it is."

I chuckled and slurped my hot coffee. Then, I pointed at the grill and said, " Those eggs, huh?"

"Right, I got you... Seriously, man, everything in New York is upside-down. How did we get here, and how do we get it right-side-up again? "

"Great question, Mike! I know it seems so far removed that it can't be connected to anything, but it is. Mike, it is about population control, and it is pure evil. The state-controlled economy is just the vehicle. It’s a means to an end. Once they have that, they pretty much have you…'“

“But wait,” I continued, “they're not done yet! Remember that the dissolution of the family is one of the founding blocks of socialism, because the community is the family. Hillary Clinton said that it takes a village, remember?"

"Okay, yeah, right," Mike confirmed.

I went on, "The family breakdown isn't talked about in the open these days, because it doesn't sound pretty or empowering. Mention the Reproductive Health Care Act, or even the DREAM Act or the SAFE Act, and it’s a whole other storyHow they say and word things, Mike, are very important."

"Healthcare act, my ass!," exclaimed Mike.  

"Exactly," I said.  "The other building block, Mike, is the disavowal of religion - Or the downplaying of it. Religion is not important in socialism, and that is because the state is God, and the state will provide everything for you. They will, however, attach themselves like a symbiote to anything that might further their cause. In any case, it is anti-Christian. Socialism is not a Judeo-Christian viewpoint."

Mike was getting this, so I continued, "You simply can't have a totalitarian society without population control. This control has come throughout all the Marxist-rooted regimes. Neither the Communists nor the Nazis, or any other dictatorship in a socialist regime, for that matter, were hampered by the Bill of Rights. They just did it at gunpoint. See the real reason for the Second Amendment, Mike?" 

He nodded, so I went on, “We know that the Socialist dictators implemented population control, unabated, in labor camps. These camps came equipped with starvation, executions, and live, mass burials. Hitler even set forth to eliminate anyone who, at his discretion, had either a physical or a mental disability. Furthermore, castrations and other like-atrocities were not out of the reach of these Socialist dictators. That's how they did birth control in the good old days." 

Mike listened intently as he topped off my coffee.

"He did this to build his delusional 'master race,’ and a mythical utopian society. Stalin used pretty much the same tactics to kill anyone who disagreed with him while building his version of the mythological utopian society." 

I went on, “Power corrupts-- absolute power corrupts absolutely. Point being is that once they have you in a box, now they want to control the numbers in that box. Think manageable numbers, okay? This makes it a lot easier to root out the dissidents, and anyone deemed not worthy - Like the sick and the elderly. Why? Because free healthcare is expensive!" 

Adding to this point, I said, “The Globalists are the new Nazi/Communist hybrid. They use the same playbook. It may be updated with an end-around play, and with new players, but it’s the same philosophy." 

"Not too crispy on the bacon, Mike, I'm getting there," I said as I’d noticed that the food was on the verge of being over-cooked.

"Anyway, the Globalists have had to dance around the Bill of Rights and a strong contingent of conservative-thinking Americans, so they nitpick it apart. The Second Amendment is a great example: They know they can't demand anything at gunpoint - Especially the dissolution of the 2A. This would bring a real war, and one they would risk losing badly. Instead of forcing by gunpoint and then law, like their predecessors, they force by indoctrination, propaganda, and then law." 

"There's a lot to cover, Mike, so stay with me," I said.

"I'm listening, Jeff. More coffee?”

I nodded in approval.

Mike asked, “So, if I got this right, they're using abortions instead of gunpoint?"

"Yeah, something like that. Because we have such a strong Constitution, they have to manipulate it, and chip away at it. What's more, Mike, is because they are in a budding revolutionary stage, they are still building alliances.”

“You see,” I continued, “young women have been educated to seek careers and personal gain for generations. Sadly, child-rearing has become a matter of the state, and not a matter of the family. Socialists started successfully breaking apart the American Family in the 1960s, and today, our kids are raised in daycare centers and public school programs - Right where they want them!" 

Pausing to sip my coffee, I then made my final point:

 "Now that late-term abortions are legal for any reason either right up to or right after birth, a life-or-death decision can be made based on what the mother might have had planned for the future. The father is disregarded. He has no say. Young women feel empowered by this, and align themselves with the party that gave them the right to choose’ life or death of another human. This creates a strong voting block. "

I went on, "They don't care about health care - They care about power. The Union of Social Globalists are unrelenting, and they’ve grown impatient. Their overreaching ambition may seed their downfall." 

I finished, “How do we turn it right-side-up, you ask? Check this out, Mike."

I wrote down the link to my piece on How to Get Involved in Politics on the Empire State Conservative Network website, and I slid it over to him.

"Read this, I'm hungry! Now not too crispy on the bacon,Mike - I don't want to sprinkle it on my salad!"

“Ha-ha, very funny,” Mike replied. “Yo, Jeff, are you a Yankees or a Mets fan?"

“Red Sox..."

"You're a communist, Jeff!" 

Stand Up, New York

Jeff Moore