The Unholy Alliance: The Evil Axis Has Manifested With a Common Goal - Death to America!

The Globalist, left-wing Democrats have brought an Unholy Alliance under their expanding umbrellas.

The new Social-Communist hybrid is the Globalist!

This new generation of the Democratic party is voiced by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and is backed by Bernie Sanders.

It also includes the likes of those who are seeking the Democratic nomination for President…

This new Socialist wave is the same old story of centralized government control, splitting the populace into either a ruling class, or a welfare class.

Complete power is the motivation vanguard by the myth of compassion, utilizing dictation like 'Save the Planet,' and 'Economic Justice'.

Add anti-American and anti-semitic hate to a Socialist coup attempt, and what do you have?

An Unholy Alliance.

This segment of the new Democratic party is voiced by Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

Established Democrats (including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi!) seem perplexed at times as to how to handle the insurgency.

Despite this seemingly constant state of bewilderment, they have embraced these anti-American movements with statements like, 'I enjoy and welcome the enthusiasm.'...

You see, it doesn’t matter! So long as power is held and then gained, the Evil Axis is formed.

Having a common enemy makes for odd bedfellows…

The Unholy Alliance to destroy America from within lies in bed with the Democrats! 

Socialists don't care about religion - They care about power!!

This is nothing less than a takeover from within, and an outright coup attempt.

When we see Ilhan Omar standing in her Congressional Office under an Islamic flag, uttering anti-semitic and anti-American rhetoric, that should be a call to Arms!

When we see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez touting a government takeover, and defending an anti-Semitic jihadist with visions of the Holocaust, that is a call to Arms!!

It is time to start kicking some ass - American Style!!!

Have you bought your new gun yet?


Good! Buy another one. And plenty of ammo, too…

Defend the Second Amendment!

Are your friends and family sick of you talking about politics all the time?


Well, keep it up!

Are you speaking out against Democrats, and influencing people in your area to vote?

Are you absolutely prepared to vote against the Democrats and their dangerous ideologies? 

Are you supporting both conservative candidates and conservative causes to the best of your abilities?

If you are, then you are preparing to win!

If you are not, then you are preparing to lose…

We cannot take this lightly!

We cannot surmise that this will all ‘just work out...’

Our hands are full, and our backs are against the wall!

It is time.

Join and support the cause at Empire State Conservative Network.

Stand up, America!
Jeff Moore