The Fall of Empires

When talking of the Fall of Rome, we often hear that Rome fell from within…

Although this is true, it is only one-third of the equation.

At the Empire's Peak, its borders were surrounded by nomadic, Germanic tribes, otherwise known as Clans.

The Clans at this time were not a threat to the Empire - Even though they were not friendly, and even though they routinely raided border villages for plunder.

The Clans’ farming techniques were primal in comparison.

Therefore, they needed to migrate often to fertile land.

This kept the Clans small, feeble, and feudal with each other.

The Roman leaders (in their Infinite Wisdom) decided to use them as cheap labor, as well as for military recruitment.

The Romans equipped the Clans with iron plows, with manure fertilizer, and with irrigation techniques in exchange for Rome's agriculture needs at a low cost.

The Clans would also provide a recruitment center, where Clansmen were trained and rewarded handsomely by the Roman army.

Then, Rome let them 'settle in,' inside the borders…

The nomadic clans were no more.

They now had a booming population, a political structure, and an army.

The clans began to migrate further and further beyond Rome's unchecked borders… 

Approaching the finale of the Roman Empire, open migration added gasoline to a bonfire of both internal conflict and of civil war.

The Roman military forces were spread thin in other wars already occurring, and thus could not police either the borders or the civil war.

Gasoline plus Bonfire...

The Germanic tribes were never friendly with Rome.

They never agreed to Rome's rule.

Yet, the wisdom of Rome's rulers (politicians, as they were) encouraged open-migration across the border, as they somehow thought that it would help with the depletion of their viable, young men.

The migrants fought with, and stole from, the natives, and depleted both Rome's tax base and Rome’s revenue.

Once they had settled, Rome no longer had the resources to move them out. 

Then, Rome Fell From Within.

-Secure our Borders-

-Build the Wall-

Stand up, America!

Jeff Moore