This Doesn't Make Any Sense... If You're an American!

Tales From a Covert Conservative

So I overheard these ol' boys the other day talking about Andrew Cuomo and Occasional-Cortex - I mean Cortez!

Seems like you always hear the same rant:

'What the hell is he thinking, giving free college to illegals?!?'  

'I know,' said the guy with 'Captain' on his shirt.

'I’ve lived in N.Y. all my life. I pay my taxes with nothing left over and nothing to show for it! My daughter has to bust her tail working, all while going into debt to go to college. Meanwhile. these sumbitches who have ZERO citizenship get a free ride. I don't get it... I can't afford to live here, and I can't afford to move... Cuomo is an asshole.'  

'He's nuts that guy, that f---ing idiot!' 

Their conversation rolled right into Ocasio-Cortez, and just as I was wondering if Lori Laughlin got her into Boston University, I listened on...

'... and who is this dimwit telling us that we don't need airplanes?!'

' Yeah, and that I should be a vegan!'

(roaring laughter)  

The Bartender finally says, ' Tell me this: Who is buying this cow farting bullshit?!?’

(More laughter and a hearty chuckle from me.) 

This is where I chime in, 'It doesn't make any sense, does it?'

The bartender and the bowling team looked up at me…

My cue- 

"No-- this doesn't make any sense... If you're an American."

These ol' boys cocked their heads and looked at me with that curious dog look, so I continued.

''These geniuses are two of the most dangerous people in politics, and they're out to destroy America-- Starting with New York!'' 

They looked at me with Ocasio-Cortez eyes, and the wise guy at the end of the bar asked me if I went to Boston University?

The barkeep was curious, so he bought me a Yuengling, and I continued, ''Answer me this - What is the best way to destabilize a nation?''

The curious dogs cocked their heads, so I answered, “I'll tell you-- To collapse its economy!

You guys know that in every war since... War, a Smart Commander will always cut off the enemy supply lines, right?"

Heads nodding, acknowledging the treat.

''So, why is Andrew Cuomo increasing taxes and increasing state spending on government programs, while conservatives are moving out, while the deficit increases, and while he’s providing sanctuaries, safe havens, and college educations for the illegals and the ill reputes? Because he's a genius!” 

 Holding my hand in the air, I signaled a pause, 'Not for the greater good, mind you...'

I went on.

‘Listen-- what is the supply line in a free-market economy? Answer: Free-Market Capital!

How do you destroy the supply line? You introduce socialism! Do you want to know what's more?’

They were eating out of my hands...

"The Great Depression opened the door for Hitler, as well as a Socialist agenda here in the U.S.

Yeah, it's true:! You should read my series: The Myth, the Lie, and the Injustice of Socialism.

Getting back, did you know that President Truman accurately stated that, 'Communism flourishes in economically deprived areas?'

You see, the biggest adversary to Socialism is a thriving, free-market economy.

The New York Democrats have been dismantling that for years - Piece by piece!
The National Economy and the unemployment rate are just two of the reasons the hate for President Trump runs deeper than the Styx River.

Are you following?"

It was like the tail wagging the dog!

"You see, guys, once what's left of the free market collapses, chaos and calamity will ensue.

That's the third, first rule of Socialism: After chaos comes desperation.

Desperate people do desperate things, like believing in myths and lies.

Then, they are doomed to suffer the injustice.

The downward spiral will be blamed entirely on the evils of capitalism. 

Now that people are desperate, and now that they’re willing to accept lies as promises, a new tree limb, a new modern version of Socialism, called Globalism, will graft to the family tree that's rooted in Marxism!"

With my hand to my ear, I say "I can hear Ocasio-Cortez saying 'Um, like, I told you so! I'm the boss!' "

(sounds of puke and laughter) 

"Upon this theorized collapse, Andrew Cuomo and Ocasio-Cortez will be standing there with their comrades: de Blasio, Gillibrand, and the rest of the Bolsheviks.

Like propaganda superheroes, The Social Justice League, saying, 'We will save you! It’s all Trump's fault...'

And the sheep will go ‘baaaa!,’ In short-lived joy… As they sign away their liberties!"

'Not me, no way!,' says the Captain. 
Remembering that I stated what the second, first rule of Socialism was in jest, I wanted to make this point:

"Oh, and before I forget, do you know what the first and third first rule of Socialism is?

First, don't have a Second Amendment.

If you do, keep discrediting it until it's gone!

Vladimir Lenin said, 'One man with a gun can control 100 without one.'

Second, first rule: Don't have a First Amendment. If you do, buy control of the mainstream media to propagate fear and propaganda.

'A lie told often enough becomes truth.' said the Father of Communism, after all!


I hate to use her full name, or the trendy AOC.

It's not like I'm trying to make 'little girl' sound Irish - It's just that so much could come after O, and in between Cortez...

"This chick is a plant - A tool. She was discovered and chosen for her race, for her gender, for her charisma, and for her mouth. Her standing up to the Pelosi establishment only strengthens her core. While sideswiping her, Pelosi endorsed her with, 'We love her enthusiasm!' It's all scripted. She's the voice, she’s the agitator, and she’s the messenger."

A. Cuomo-- I hate using his first name too when ‘A.’ can stand for so many things...

"This A- hole is in the power chair with no real opposition at the present time. Still think he's an idiot?

He is simultaneously breaking New York, and financing his new Army, and we are paying for it!

Do you guys own guns?”


"Did you vote? Honestly, did you vote? Seriously.. Lest we not forget that Cuomo told Conservatives to get out!

A. Cuomo is moving 'us' out, and 'them' in to build his new Empire.

Tell me I'm wrong-- and why...”

As always,

Stand up, New York!

Jeff Moore

P.S. I'll tell you what they didn't account for

That's Empire State Conservatives
More to come...