The Myth, The Lie, and The Injustice of Socialism: Part 3 - The Economy of Death

The Communist Manifesto was published in 1848.

Seemingly stuck in the mud, and with Karl Marx growing ill and less 'creative,' Friedrich Engels befriended Eduard Bernstein - A man of like mind. 

Bernstein was a German socialist, and a politician who was revising the German political scene with Democratic Socialism.

He also believed in the theories of Marxism!

Marx and Engels asked Eduard Bernstein to revise the manifesto - Upon his review, he noted that Marxism in its original form was not holding water. 

Capitalism was gaining ground.

Conditions were steadily improving, and the proletariat were not becoming revolutionary.

Something had to be done to expedite this social control mechanism ‘for the greater good.’

Enter Vladimir Ulyanov: You know him as Vladimir Lenin.

Lenin was his alias, as he was in exile.

Vladimir was born into a family of means, and he knew more education than poverty.

Vladimir Lenin was a madman - Literally, he was very very angry!

This guy was always looking for a fight…

He was expelled from Kazan Imperial University for illegal violent protest, and was later arrested for the same.

His punishment?

Exile to Siberia!

As a young man, he was incited towards violence and revolution by his older brother.

When his brother was executed by the Czarist government, it lit a fire of revolution that burned inside of him.

He moved around Europe, networking with Marxist comrades, eventually establishing the Bolshevik political party.

Moving forward, Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik party started to infiltrate the internal government of Russia.

He organized a secret police force to execute his political adversaries.

He then took reign of Russia by force in the February and October Revolutions of 1917, and he led Russia until his pending death in 1924.

"The goal of Socialism is Communism."

Lenin got his own ‘ism’ because he took Marxism and tweaked it to fit his needs.

Then, millions of innocent people were murdered…

The ways to kill people under Socialist rule did not discriminate - They killed by bullet, they killed by famine, and they killed with labor camps. 

Civil Wars and Revolt arose under Lenin's rule, but these poor people who were starving and unarmed never stood a chance!

Vladimir Lenin did not care about the 'people' - Instead, he was intoxicated by power and control.

"One man with a gun can control 100 without one." - Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin became ill in 1922 .

While on his deathbed, reign was handed over to his strongman, Joseph Stalin.

Joe Stalin was not satisfied with Lenin's 'moderate' approach to Communism , so he decided to up the ante…

He, too, tweaked Marxism, and also got his own ‘ism.’

Soon, industry boomed (with tank production), and Russians starved!

This was followed by more suppression, and millions more were murdered…

Do you know who thought this was pretty cool?

A fella named Mao Zedong.

As a result, fasciae ran with the Communist blueprint to revolutionize China.

His accomplishments:

The deadliest famine in history.

That famine thing again... not Utopian!

Artifact destruction and the removal of history.

Anti-communist suppression, and over 15 million dead...

If you believe that Socialism is for the people, you just might believe that there is a third gender.

But I digress... 

You can't have a list like this without including that trend-setting little mustache!

Socialism led to Communism, which led to Fascism and Nazism.

Adolf Hitler was a career soldier who was indoctrinated into Socialism while he was a member of the German Worker Party.

The German Worker Party became the National SOCIALIST German Worker Party.

Let that sink in…

This political party was commonly known as the Nazi Party, which led to (you guessed it!) Nazism!

In short, if you replace the proletariat in social doctrine with nationalism, you have... Fascism….

The aforementioned founding fathers of Socialism each added their own ‘ism’ to the core beliefs of Robert Owens’ theories.

This proved that no matter how you dress it up, or what other name is attached to it, it is still the economy of death.

The new ‘ism’ that is attached to Socialism is Globalism.

 Socialism advocates will always play word games.

Let me demonstrate the truth of their words:
Communal or community = Destruction of family.
Religion = The State is God.
Education = Indoctrination
Greater good = Government

At this point in time, Socialism is an epic failure.

It’s a failure in economics, and a failure in humanity. 

With this said, the myth, the lie, and the Injustice of false hope still entice people today.
Let not history repeat.
Stand up, America!

Jeff Moore