The Real Reason for the DREAM Act

Let’s cut to the chase: The Dream Act is the act of our Government paying for illegal aliens to go to college - On our dime! 

This is another bold step towards full-blown socialism on a global scale.

Ushering these moldable pieces of clay into the liberal indoctrination factories is how the Left builds their ranks.

Andrew Cuomo has no regard for legal immigration because he has no regard for the United States of America!

Cuomo and the Global Socialists are not stupid, moronic or dim-witted - Rather, they are brilliantly evil!


Because we are now paying to build the enemy’s army!

I find reference to this theory in these quotes by N.Y. (D) State Senator Luis Sepulveda, and N.Y. Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz.

These quotes were published by the NY Times on Jan 23rd, 2019:

"These young undocumented immigrants will work, they will pay taxes, they will buy products, and the greater the earning capacity they have the more they will pay."

Furthermore, Senator Sepulveda was quoted as saying, "This is one piece of legislation where we must get beyond the anti-immigration fervor created by President Trump and see the benefits of educating these young people has for our state."

What's more, Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz of Queens N.Y. said, "It took us almost a decade to get the DREAM Act, and it's going to take five, 10, 20 years to undo the damage that Washington is causing our families." 

The damage that Washington is causing our families?

It's about language, people!

Social propaganda always preys on emotions - Not facts!!

Mind you, Assemblywoman Cruz is a native of Colombia who came to New York as an illegal alien.
Our state is on the spearhead of the Global Socialist Movement and its quest for Global Domination.

As such, it’s time to dig our heels in.

It’s time that we prepare to fight!

The enemy is amassing troops. So should we. 

Join us at Empire State Conservative Network to build the ranks to an electoral advantage - Before it's too late!

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