The Myth, The Lie, and The Injustice of Socialism: Part 2 - The Origins

You might be surprised that the origins of Socialism came to the shores of America at Jamestown in 1607.

A communal system was implemented at the onset of the new settlement.

The result?

The starvation of an innumerable number of settlers!

Historians note that these new arrivals came with the ideas of getting rich quick, but not to work the land.


Because they felt that working the land was beneath them…

Some things never change!

John Smith arrived in Jamestown, and quickly reversed this deadly path by training the people to farm, and to work towards prosperity.

He quoted the Bible when he said ' he that will not work shall not eat!,' thereby saving the settlement.

As a result, Jamestown began to flourish!

It became the origin for the Great American work ethic.

This is the origin of the Socialist attack on America, and the beginning of our fight against it. 

The imposter of Socialism returned to America in 1825, when an Englishman of great means founded New Harmony, Indiana.

Robert Owens’ beliefs were that the Trinity of Evil in society was marriage, religion, and private property.

This was a lie, because Mr. Owens did not relinquish his property - Everybody else had to, though!

The truth is that if you give up your individuality, you are easy to control.

It is well-known that humans will fight to protect both their families and their religion.

When the state becomes both your family and your religion, there is nothing left to fight for, and nothing left to live for…

This became the foundation of what became known as Socialism!

Intellectual and progressive thinkers became attracted to New Harmony.

Education was of the highest regard - So much so, that Owens even started what later became known as preschool.

His schools were named Institutes for the Foundation of Character.

In other words, it was an indoctrination factory to his theories.

You may notice in my study that however noble the pursuit of education is, it is always used as a vehicle of propaganda in social reform…

This is prevalent to this day!

Robert Owens taught people how he wanted them to think, but not how to work.

Inside of three years, New Harmony collapsed.

It was an epic failure!

Robert Owens scapegoated the American people as poor human material, and he promptly moved back to England.

Upon his return to England, he continued to regurgitate his Socialist theories by founding schools and newspapers.

One of his students, Friedrich Engels, a German radical dissent, was inspired by Owens, and began to write for his newspaper.

An article written by Engels caught the attention of a young Karl Marx, and they began to correspond.

They later met in Paris, and the two formed an intellectual bond. 

Karl Marx surfed Engels’ couch, and began to form the Communist Manifesto.

Marx never worked a day in his life, and Engels kept him afloat thanks to his relationship to mega-rich Robert Owens.

Together, they drafted a document that would lead to millions upon millions of grotesque murders.

The Engels-Marx bond came on the belief that the working people were a large and miserable class that carried the seeds ripe to revolt.

These men didn't care about the plight of the proletariat - In fact, the Working Man has always been held in contempt by social elitists.

The offspring of these theories gave root to both Communism and Fascism, which resulted in over a billion murders.

What's more, is the economic track record of Socialism is as dismal as its human rights record!

Today, we have a whole new generation of people believing in these lies and in these myths.

They believe that both Socialism and the state will bring the social and economic justice that they have been taught to desire, when all they really have to do is put down their iPhones, move out of their parents’ basement, and get a job.

Free market capitalism provides the opportunity. The rest is up to you!
The myth is that Socialism creates Utopia.

The lie is that it is for the greater good, and the injustice is that people are held down with false hope. 

Final word: Vote for your individual liberties.

Vote for your families and vote for the United States of America.

Vote for your right to vote, before you don't have one!

Stand up, America!
Jeff Moore