The Myth, The Lie, and the Injustice of Socialism: Part 1 - Why Socialism is Making a Comeback in America

Why is Socialism, with all its documented failures, making a comeback in America?

In short, I can sum it up with these words: Indoctrination, propaganda, and the cult of personality. 

The public school and the university systems have been planting the seed for decades!

They now feel the time is right, because there is a generation-plus who are ripe for the picking…

As such, momentum for a reborn Socialist Revolution is with them!

This generation has not been taught the success of a free market economy, or the tragic failures of socialism.

This is because Saleocialism is about one thing: Absolute power for the ruling class.

Now that these people are 'Feeling the Bern,' the propaganda machine of mass media exploits this indoctrination of the youth to create both momentum and an army of believers.

Media propaganda makes celebrities out of wackos like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders with a cult of personality. 

In the following series, I will lay out the abysmal track record of socialism, and the motivation that is used to vanguard a power grab.

I will also lay out the unparalleled success of free market capitalism.

With this, I believe you'll be able to draw the lines of connection between what happened then, and what is happening now.

Polls, as well as election results, show that a significant number of Americans are clamoring for Socialism (or even Communism!), and that they are opposed to both a representative Constitutional Republic and a free market economy.

Is this the result of legal weed? 
This is the result of a myth that Socialism is Utopia.
Maybe they are all stoned...

The lie is that everyone is working together for the greater good.

The injustice is Liberty lost.

This myth is always perpetuated by those of privilege who lust for power and for control.

They make outlandish promises to rile the masses that are never fulfilled.

Karl Marx 'couch surfed,' and lived with Friedrich Engels while they wrote The Communist Manifesto.

During this time, they were funded by the wealth of Robert Owens - The founder of Socialist theory. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a daughter of privilege.

She’s a very successful architect who was socialized in a very affluent school system.

Andrew Cuomo, on the other hand - Well, we know where he came from…

The fathers of Communism promised the proletariat better working and living conditions, better pay, and social equality.

They infiltrated the Russian political system with the Bolshevik party, which was later renamed as the Communist Party.

With Vladimir Lenin at the helm, they riled the masses into the October Revolution of 1917.

What they delivered was a totalitarian government, famine, gulags, and the murder of millions.

Today's Bolsheviks promise to save the planet from climate change and social injustice, but of course, everything must be taken under government control, first!

Social equality means everyone will remain equally poor… 

The lie is that everyone is working together for the greater good, when the truth is that everyone is working, slaving, and dying for the ruling class.

You need to look no further than the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, or Venezuela for these lies to be exposed.

This lie perpetuates itself on the sail of the greater good, and the honorable notion of lifting up the poor.

It’s hogwash. Lipstick on a pig, if you will.

That is a lie thinly-veiled as nobility.

This is how they suck you in: They focus on your plight (manufactured or not), and then they blame everyone else for it.

This lie has been made so compelling that a new generation has bought into it while they sip their mocha frappa lattes while they bitch into their iPhones…

What the proletariat did not know is that they were giving up all of their freedoms.

I bet there are a few Millennials out there who might fight to the death to keep their cell phone!

If they only knew...

Counter revolts have always been squashed before they can even begin by the removal of firearms from the public.

This is done under the guise of reducing gun violence, of course. 

What is different about today's rally is that it's not being held by the proletariat.


Because they're at work!

Today's rallies are being held on college campuses by the lucky sperm in their sixth year of a four-year liberal arts degree.

If you take a look at the anti-capitalist rallies, you'll see Millennial-aged people screaming, and even crying about ‘Social Justice.’

These hipsters are typically decked to the nines in fashionable clothing, trendy haircuts, iPhones, laptops, and Starbucks.

In contrast, look at the anti-socialism revolts in places like Venezuela - The people are barefoot, and starving...
'Yeah, dude, Socialism is for the people, man!'

Do you want to know what social injustice is?

It's the guy or gal who gets out of bed before dawn to be at work early, who busts his/her butt, who goes above and beyond to get that raise or that promotion.

Their work ethic used to benefit themselves, as well as their families, their employers, and their country.

In Socialism, it benefits no one, because the employer is forced to pay a 'living wage' to all who just show up.

Everyone gets a trophy... 

Do you hear that sucking sound?

That is the sound of drive, Innovation, and growth going down the drain.

That's social injustice. 

Stand up, America!
Jeff Moore