Explaining the Social Communist Phenomenon

Hello Conservatives,

I would like to share with you the knowledge I have gained studying socialism, communism, fascism, and cult of personality.

This intensive study has opened my eyes to the current political environment in America. 

Governor Cuomo, Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, and the lot want our economy to fail!

This is exactly why these imposters impose and implement such preposterous (and even laughable!) bills and pieces of legislation.

They want the free market economy to collapse, because this will create the calamity and chaos ripe for revolution!

The people will cry even louder when they’re faced with starvation and no means to support themselves.

They will gain the populace of a crowd crying out for change and government intervention.

In addition, this is also why they advocate open borders… 

The United States of America and the free market economy is (according to George Soros) the last stumbling block to a New World Order - This is code for a centralized totalitarian world government. 

They don't even believe their own rhetoric!

Much like Robert Owens, Friedrich Engles, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao Zedong, no current Leftists give a rip about the proletariat.

Rather, they see them as a vanguard to a revolutionary power grab.

The redux of the proletariat is climate change and social justice.

Manipulating with powerful weapons like mass media propaganda and the cult of personality, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more of a celebrity in their eyes than anything else.

They are not as dumb as you think... That's a distraction!
When Hitler came on the scene in the late 1920s, he was regarded by the German people as an extremist.

A nut job.


Their laughter soon turned into tears... 

The incumbent leader of Germany at the time, Paul Von Hindenburg, was forced to appoint Hitler as a chancellor in order to appease the vociferous Nazi supporters among the electorate.

By 1933, the Nazi party was the ONLY political party in Germany, and Hitler held total control.

Think about who holds sway in our congress today?

A significant segment of Germany's manipulated populace had grown disenchanted with the parliament republic, and they became willing to embrace radical alternatives. 

Governor Cuomo, Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez and their cohorts have taken a page from the Communist Manifesto, and they’ve updated it.

This is the playbook on how to incite change and revolution.

Look at the rallies for Ocasio-Cortez and the social justice warriors…

Look at the applause of social engineering and the killing of newborns.

Just look at the new members of the United States Congress! 

The founding fathers of Communism never cared about the proletariat. Instead, they used them to take control.

Today's communist doesn't care about climate change or social justice - It is just a way to rile the masses of young people who have already been indoctrinated. 

Cuomo and Ocasio-Cortez and the new Bolsheviks have set out to destroy New York so that they can institute even higher taxes, and so they can implement even more control. 

They think we're too stupid to be free. I pray to God this is their downfall…

Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal is the Communist Manifesto re-written.

Did you know that agriculture land reform in socialist revolutions led to famine and the death of millions?

Did you know that the removal, or even the continued degradation of the trucking industry would decimate our economy in a very short time? 

These people and their kin must be removed from our beloved representative constitutional republic before its too late! 


Vote for your family, vote for YOUR LIBERTY, and vote for the United States of AMERICA! 

And please. bring your brothers and sisters.

Stand up, New York!
Jeff Moore