How to Protect the First Amendment

The First Amendment grants Americans the rights to both speak and to assemble in either religion or in protest.

It gives us the right to read, to write, and to listen openly.

These rights belong to Americans for the main reason of controlling the governance for which they fall under.

Sadly, these rights are under attack!

Propaganda campaigns have been a powerful weapon since... Forever…

Influencing public opinion with literature, with media, and with sensationalism is a powerful way to persuade control!

People will invariably follow entertainment and promises.

The propaganda weapon has been used to both undermine and to infringe upon the Bill of Rights -More specifically, both the First and the Second Amendments.

When the state manipulates First Amendment freedoms, outside influence has no avenue.

When the state controls what you hear and what you see, they control YOU!

The right to speak freely has now been cloaked in the form of hate speech.

This is a tricky little deal that the Left does...

They are truly narcissistic!

They hang a veil of ‘greater good’ on their agendas, and they appeal to human compassion.

Then, they rob you blind!

Calling Free Speech hate speech is both demonstrative and distracting.

They then use the same freedom to perpetuate even more hate.

Are you following? 

The internet is the most invasive form of information since the television.

It's not just in everyone's living rooms - It’s in everyone's pockets!

The radical Left wing has tried to take control of this, but that has been denied because we have an American in the White House…

Even though Left-wing propaganda exceeds the Right, we are still in this fight!

Their ideas don't work in a free market, so they want Total Control.

Sound familiar?

The Left wing has occupied the freedom of religion, and has turned this into the freedom to disregard Christianity.

Gay marriage, transgender, and Islamic rights have taken a prominent worldview that has now infiltrated America.

The traditional Judeo-Christian values that this country was founded and built upon have been trashed and disregarded as old-fashioned and dismissive. 

Our Founding Fathers rightfully separated church and state…

This is actually a Christian value called Free Will!

You are free in America to worship the deity of your choice.

By all rights, people should be good with that.

If you are not good with that, you may just force a private business to abide by your beliefs.

This is not freedom. This is forcing the beliefs of one group onto another, and it’s unconstitutional!
A higher power is what sets your moral compass - Not government!

If you have no moral compass, I'll pray for you.

If you think there are no conspiracies, and if you think that government is trustworthy, then you are tragically naive.

Example: Patrons in America have free will to spend their money freely wherever they want.

With much decision to make, why pick a business that you know will give you a fight based on their differing beliefs? 

The Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay marriage was set up, and 'they' held these good people hostage…

Heck, they even forced them to pay an exuberant penalty based on their Christian beliefs!

The gay couple in this case could have gone down the street and had a cake made for them by a different baker, but they knew this was a Christian family business, and they saw it as a great opportunity for a propaganda-type news story.

President Trump has used both the freedom and the liberty of the First Amendment to defend it.

Mainstream Media and entertainment outlets have been overtaken by the Left wing.

How do you counter the bias of this media with all their tools and avenues? 
With hardcore results.

With middle-class America working again, and attaining results for their efforts. 

President Trump has also been particularly savvy in his criticism of the mainstream media through his use of social media.

Instead of pulling power and seizing control to regulate what can be broadcast, the President uses the very freedom to criticize, expose, and offer alternatives. 

That is not fascism -That's leadership!

That’s the American way. 

Stand up America!
Jeff Moore