Why Socialism is Against the Second Amendment

The Cuomo regime is instituting more gun control measures on top of the strictest gun laws in America!

These new gun laws have nothing to do with increasing safety, and instead, have everything to do with a socialist takeover. 

Many of us know that firearms are the first things to go in a socialist takeover.

This is in conjunction with media control, of course!

They always say that gun control is only meant to stop the violence, when its true purpose is to quell any potential uprisings.

Did you know that the poor souls in Russia and China used sticks and stones to revolt against the Communists?

Here’s what happened: They were crushed!

Socialist Dictators from Russia, China, and Germany did not have the American Constitution, nor the Second Amendment to deal with. 

Thank you, Thomas Jefferson!

American Social Democrats, who are akin to the Bolsheviks, have to be a little more sneaky.. 

Their plan (more-so a claim) is to stop violence, yet they have to keep chipping away at it until it is dissolved into nothing.

They just keep making it harder and harder for law-abiding citizens to either own or operate a gun legally. 

Let us not forget that the government has both our names and our addresses on file…

The Socialist takeover script always focuses on a manufactured victim mentality, and uses that wave of emotion to vanguard a power grab. 

You'll see that the Social Democrats have an interesting way with words…

Take this statement from Senator Alessandra Biaggi, for example, “But for gun violence, we are told that there is no solution... That the right to own a gun is more important than the right to live. That to me is truly insane."

Do you see what she did there?

It's about language, people!

It's about sound bites and propaganda!!

Senator Biaggi twisted all her fallible words around…

Right to live.

How about this, Senator? The right to own a gun grants me the right to live - Freely!

We do have a Senator standing up to this legislation…

In response to this SAFE Act 2, Patrick Gallivan, a State Senator representing the 59th Senate District of New York, voted in opposition to this infringement on our Second Amendment rights, is now proposing amendments in response.

Please show your support for Senator Gallivan at this source: https://www.nysenate.gov/newsroom/video/patrick-m-gallivan/senator-gallivan-opposes-gun-legislation-proposes-amendments

Upon every public shooting, you hear a cry out for new gun control.

With media propaganda, they can sway public opinion just enough to pass new laws - Even if they're unconstitutional!

These Social Democrats know better than to pass sweeping reform to take all the guns at once.

Such measures would undoubtedly result in a revolt that they don't want…

Rather, they want us to revolt AFTER they take our guns!

"One man with a gun can control 100 without one." - Vladimir Lenin

If we stay on this course one day, we could wake up to this...

Never give up your Second Amendment Rights.

Stock up now. 

Stand up, New York!