The Left's Relationship with Facts and Morality

As all of us who live in the real world know, facts matter!

As the Leftist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have you believe, it’s more important to be morally right than to be “factually and semantically correct.” 

I believe they go hand-in-hand… 

She uses this line of reasoning to push her absurd policies, such as the Green New Deal and Medicaid for All, even though the math is, as Anderson Cooper has even said, “fuzzy.”

If facts don’t matter, then the math doesn’t need to add up!

But facts DO matter, and the math DOES need to add up in order to implement a policy as insane as the Green New Deal.

 Of course, she would name her socialist garbage after FDR’s socialist New Deal, which expanded government oversight, and created a welfare state in America.

That’s what the New Democratic Party wants: They want all the power and all the money, and they want to decide who gets what. 

 Big government equals minimal freedom…

I’m sorry, but I thought this was America?

AOC claims that facts and figures don’t matter because it’s better to live in a fantasy world where governments have never become tyrannical, and dictators have never killed their own people.

 A world where she can accuse any man that questions her of being a misogynist, or unfoundedly accuse President Trump of being a racist, while providing no actual examples.

This is the world that the Left wants to live in, where they can silence their detractors by invalidating their speech through unjustified name-calling and false promises.

The Young Turks, a horrible Far-Left organization, claimed that AOC “owns biased 60-Minutes interview.”

They were right about one thing: It was biased!

But it was biased in her favor, where she received minimal pushback from Anderson Cooper with regards to both her answers and her policies.

I guess they are as delusional as she is… 

Facts and semantics are directly related to morality.

Occasionally-Communist wants to tax the rich at a 70%-for-all income over $10 million, essentially stealing what people have worked so hard to earn.

How is that morally correct?  

The fact is that it isn’t!

The government has no MORAL right to steal from the people.

We live in a capitalist society where you earn what you earn, and people have spent years cultivating businesses and skills, putting in nights and weekends, missing family events and holidays to reach financial freedom.

How is it morally right to take their money, and to give it to people who don’t work? 

How is it morally right to strip people of their RIGHT to bear arms, and subsequently, to defend themselves?

The facts state that if you disarm the people, the government and the criminals are the ones left with all the power.

How is that morally right?

The Left lives in a fantasy world where everything is sunshine and rainbows, and we can do anything if we just believe and sprinkle ourselves with socialist fairy dust.

But the FACT is that there is never enough money to implement these socialist policies - Even the tax AOC wants will not pay for even 1/100th of what she wants to accomplish!

We must push back against this nonsense. 

Facts matter.

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom