The Truth About Nationalism in America

Are you hearing a lot about nationalism lately?

Have you heard the slanted language that says 'nationalism is ‘bad bad bad,’ and that everything that has anything to do with President Trump is bad?

President Trump is not bad, FYI, and neither is nationalism!

Here’s why:

To the social globalist, either a Sovereign Nation or a public sense of nationalism is their biggest adversary.

When they control mainstream media, they are going to tie nationalism and President Trump into something bad - Like Hitler and fascism!

Nationalism, coupled with free-market capitalism, and a representative constitutional republic, is a very VERY good thing…

You can look at it like this: You're a football coach, and you love your team,. You want all of your players to do well. You want them each to contribute to the overall team’s success.

 Some players are just naturally better than others at certain positions.

Your best friend is also a coach, and you want him and his team to win and do well, also.

That is, until they play you!

You’re not going to trade your best players to your buddy so that they can whip your butts - You will, however, trade him players that are not integral, but could help him win, with a like return expected.

That's like being a nationalist, or like loving your country: You don't hate other countries, but like family, you love your’s!

The term nationalism shows up most prominently here - National Socialist Workers Party, or Nazi, for short…

The key word here is not ‘National’ as they would have you believe!

It is, rather, ‘Socialist.’

You see, according to Social Doctrine, when you remove the proletariat as the vanguard, and you insert nationalism, you now have what is known as fascism

Fascism is not Trumpism - It is a dictatorship!

All dictators have built their control through some form of Social Doctrine.

The Left-Wing, the Progressives, the Liberals, the Socialists, the New World Order, the Democrats, whatever - They are the Global Socialist Party.

The Global Socialist Party is coming for America and your freedom, by hell or high water - Probably hell!

Vote for your rights.

Vote for the Constitution.

Vote for the United States of America.

This is our home. Our family lives here.

 Be willing to fight!

This is no time to be a Summer Soldier or a Sunshine Patriot.

Stand up America!

Jeff Moore