Where Will Cuomo's Third Term Lead Us?

Last summer, I was wide-eyed with optimism for the coming Midterm Elections , and more specifically the governor's race here in New York.

I was very pleased that America was working and manufacturing again.

This is just what Upstate needed - A red wave of tidal Trump.

I was hopeful that the momentum would catch on here, but what do I know? I work in construction and live upstate!

I do know that the dislike, the distrust, and the puke-in-your-mouth distaste for Andrew Cuomo was rampant across all lines.

His approval rating was much lower than his high margin of victory!

I debated with a friend of mine prior to the election, and he concluded that based on demographics, Empire State Conservatives were doomed.

I was optimistic , and perhaps naive. I hoped that Cynthia Nixon and the Progressives would split the party, and third-party independents would find their way to Molinaro so we could see victory.

That didn't happen…

We all know that Cuomo and everyone around him is both a thief and a liar.

They’re corrupt to the core!

The power Cuomo held before his third term has since been multiplied.

New York has handed him the keys, so we can kiss our money, our state, and our asses goodbye!

This guy was elected by New York City on Progressive promises and ‘Hate Trump’ propaganda

Say hello to draconian gun control, a welfare state, and government-controlled economics (pay-to-play).

Say hell to unrepresented taxation, quite possibly the worst infrastructure in the Union, and a Sanctuary State for refugees and illegals.

Say goodbye to New York -Almost 50,000 people left New York last year!

We have one of the highest out- migration statistics in the country. The illegals are still coming in, but the hard-working taxpayers are moving out. 

The question is: If all these people are moving out of New York because of high taxes, corruption, and failing infrastructure, who's going to pay for the welfare state? 

Stand up New York!

Jeff Moore.