Talk About Beating a Dead Horse...

PETA is back in the news, trying once again to ruin everything for everyone…

As we know, PETA is the essence of Left-wing hysteria, always trying to tell everyone how to live their lives while pretending to be morally superior. 

They just can’t help themselves!

First off, PETA has called for the NCAA to end the use of live mascots for college football.

PETA released this statement, as reported by Fox News

“It's indefensible to subject animals to the stress of being packed up, carted from state to state, and paraded in front of a stadium full of screaming fans,” PETA senior vice president Lisa Lange said in a statement Wednesday. “It's no surprise that a skittish steer would react to a perceived threat by charging, and PETA is calling on the University of Texas and the University of Georgia to learn from this dangerous incident, retire their live-animal mascots, and stick to the talented costumed mascots who can lead cheers, react to the crowd, and pump up the team”

 “Being forced into a stadium full of bright lights, screaming fans, and frightening noises is stressful—even terrifying—for sensitive, intelligent animals like longhorns, and this stress could cause Bevo to react in ways that might result in injury to himself or others, as we saw this week,” stated Neel Parekh, a PETA official and University of Texas alumnus.

“Dogs deserve better than to be shuffled from game to game as if they were sporting equipment. Being forced into a stadium full of bright lights, screaming fans, and frightening noises is stressful—even terrifying—for sensitive animals like dogs, who would much rather be at home with their loving guardians,” said Emily R. Trunnell, a PETA official and U of Georgia alumnus.

Let’s be clear: No one should be abusing animals.

That said, PETA is just being a giant stick in the mud.

These animals are respected and revered at these schools, and have almost cult-like followings amongst students and faculty. 

Next up, dumb-dumb of the week: Tiffany Haddish.

She sent a message specifically to PETA that she will wear fur every day until police stop killing black people. 

Why she involved PETA in this is beyond ridiculous! Does she really think that anyone outside of the organization has any respect for PETA? 

Besides the fact that the myth of police targeting and killing black people more than any other race is just that - A myth - The fact that a horrible comedian thought that PETA would be a good ally in this fight is just laughable! 

When the Left cannot win with facts, they try and win with a combination of emotion and virtue-signaling.

I will keep eating bacon, and I will keep supporting our nation’s police officers. 

Maybe these two should team up with Ocasio-Cortez, and they can all just disappear into Narnia.

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom