Cuomo Readies the Rope to Hang His Administration

Governor Andrew Cuomo apparently loves making headlines…

As we all know, there have been several inquiries and investigations into improper funding practices done by King Cuomo and his administration.

Cuomo was able to avoid any serious investigations due to a split between the State Senate and the State Assembly.

Now, with the Democrats controlling both bodies in New York State, Cuomo is facing the hangman’s rope. 


Well, the man is threatening to go after his own party!

On Wednesday, Cuomo threatened to investigate funding for the projects of lawmakers if the Legislature reactivates probes of his administration.

Cuomo threatened to have any pet project’s grant-funding be reviewed by his office as a means of striking back.

Essentially, he’s willing to start a war with the legislature controlled by his own party should they seek to investigate him further!

Of course, this leads the Legislature to wonder what Cuomo has to hide…

I’m not wondering, and I know you’re not wondering - We already know Cuomo is a crook!

What people forget about our government is that the legislatures are supposed to be the most powerful branch of each level of government.


Because they are directly elected by the people who vote!

Cuomo has been able to run the show his crooked way because of a split legislature in the past, but this has (hopefully!) come to an end. 

King Cuomo doesn’t want to share power. He will do anything he can to silence his detractors.

Does this sound familiar?

When even the Democrats are looking to take one of their own down, that person must be crooked!

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom