Why the Reproductive Health Act is Abhorrent Trash!

I do not care whether you are pro-choice or pro-life - When it comes to the RHA and its disgusting clause that allows abortion at any point before birth, there can be no acceptance.

How in anyone’s mind, the killing of a fully formed baby just days or hours before its birth has anything to do with a woman’s right to choose is beyond me. 

There is no medical reason to abort a baby once it has come to term.

Dr. David McKnight, who is a board certified OB/GYN released this statement;

 “It appears that the State of New York has legislated that an unborn baby can now be killed at term. They did this joyfully and celebrated by illuminating the Freedom Tower in pink light. As a board-certified OB/GYN physician for over 30 years, I need to say publicly and unequivocally, that there is NEVER a medical reason to kill a baby at term. When complications of pregnancy endanger a mother’s life, we sometimes must deliver the baby early, but it ALWAYS with the intent of doing whatever we can to do it safely for the baby too. The decision to kill an unborn baby at term is purely for convenience. It is murder. And now it won’t be long before a struggling mother with a 1-month old baby will argue for the right to kill her baby too, because taking care of him or her is just too difficult and inconvenient. When you are willing to rationalize murder, why be subject to a timeline? God help us.”

And the Left celebrates this as a victory for ‘women’s rights.’ 

They claim that a fetus isn’t a human life, yet when a pregnant woman is killed, the assailant is charged with two counts of homicide. 

Sounds like it’s more a matter of choosing when you want to claim a fetus is a person or not than anything else… 

I personally believe that it should be up to the States to decide whether or not they wish to allow abortions in their state at all.

If the entire state of Montana doesn’t want to allow abortions, then that is their right.

However, people should not be allowed to MURDER a baby that can survive outside of the mother.

It is no longer about “my body, my choice!”, because no human being has two hearts, two brains, and two sets of lungs.

I would personally not want one of my future children to be aborted, but I do believe that if the citizens of the state so choose, there should be services available.

The RHA is nothing more than Cuomo and the Democrats trying to insure they get every single female vote in future elections.

Surely, they cannot believe that murdering a baby the day before it is due is right in any sense? 

Can they?

The Left claims moral superiority, but has just laid claim to the most immoral and abhorrent piece of legislation ever.

There is no excuse.

There is no moral reasoning. 

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom