Cuomo Continues to Disappoint

My expectations for Governor Andrew Cuomo are never high, but in my opinion, he has sunk to an all-new low…

As we know, the only goal of the political Left is to do the opposite of President Trump.

As early as 2013, Democrats were calling for an end to illegal immigration - So much so, that Senator Schumer and President Obama were both big dogs in this fight!

Now, all of a sudden, it’s considered racist to stem the tide of illegals because President Trump is asking for funding to fortify the border in defense of our national sovereignty. 

Governor Cuomo’s latest move is not only a slap in the face to POTUS - It’s a slap in the face to both our law enforcement community, and to the American people as a whole!

Cuomo has pardoned 22 illegals who were either at risk of deportation, or blocked from citizenship due to criminal acts. 

He also commuted the sentences of nine criminals who were convicted of violent crimes…

This past summer, Governor Cuomo was criticized after several of the people he had pardoned in the past were arrested (yet again!) for breaking the law. 

One of the recipients of Cuomo’s commutations included Roy Bolus, 49, who was sentenced to 75 years-to-life for his role in a drug deal that resulted in the deaths of two men.

The Left will ask you to focus on the fact that Mr. Bolus is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in prison, and that he’s shown remorse for his involvement in this heinous crime. That said, this man is a criminal, and we cannot ignore the deaths of those two men. 

I’m really glad we are giving away a free Ph.D. to a drug dealer, by the way, but that’s beside the point…

Why would our governor do this?

The answer is simple: Andrew Cuomo is taking a shot at the President’s immigration policies.

As a result, he’s released over 30 criminals back into the streets of New York - Many of whom are violent offenders convicted of aggravated assault, and in some cases, attempted murder!

The Left doesn’t care that they’re illegals, because minorities have gotten a ‘raw deal,’ and we as a society have to make up for it.

I’m sorry, but I’m calling BS on this…

Cuomo also had the nerve to make this announcement at Ellis Island, the symbol of LEGAL IMMIGRATION for decades!

This is a slap in the face to anyone’s ancestors who came here the right way, as well…

The Left ignores the important aspects of history, and tries to bend history to align with its progressive viewpoints.

Leftists claim that Republicans are racist, and yet they ignore the failures of socialism.

They ignore the history of gun control, and its inevitable march towards death for millions.

They claim to be morally superior, but they constantly fail to either understand or uphold morality. 

They excuse criminals to create a wider voter-base because they are losing people every day to the Center-Right.

They fail to see the error of their ways in their quest to create a totalitarian state, where your speech and your life is controlled by the government, and not by who it should be controlled by: YOU!

There’s a reason why people are walking away from the Left: Human beings desire freedom. We have to be willing to stand up and fight for it. 

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom