The Conservative State of New York

My fellow New Yorkers,

To end Cuomo's Reign, we must all unite as Conservatives.

As I scroll through social media outlets and as I talk to people on the streets, I am encouraged to both see and hear the outright disdain for Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In an upcoming article, I will introduce you to our governor as the Godfather of New York…

I have likened him to this character because as his fall guys, lackeys, and henchmen go to prison, he continues to line his pockets with bribe money bought with our tax dollars - While calling it ‘campaign funds!’

His corruption is so deep that he has no fear .

He arrogantly and unabashedly spits in the face of New York!

He believes himself to be untouchable.

If we unite, we can, and WE WILL prove him wrong!

I can see that we are many.

I can see that we are strong.

Most importantly, I can see that we are ticked off!

We must unite, because a split Conservative vote keeps The Godfather of New York in power…

We will understand the needs of the whole state.

 We will not be complacent as the forgotten men and women of this state. 

We will embrace an economic revolution that knows no racial, gender, or geographical barriers! 

An economy that works for working people.

An economy that works for ALL of New York!

On this day forward, I will refer to like-minds as Conservatives - Not Republicans, Libertarians, or Independents.

Under this flag, we will be united and strong.

Under this flag, we can unite as the United Conservatives of America.

In this Union, we can nationalize, and hold dear our state of origin as in Empire State- Keystone State- Old Colony State-Conservatives.

To defeat the social Globalist movement happening here in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and around the nation, we must band together!

We must unify under one flag.

Currently, the system is still working.

If we work together to consolidate our voting populace, and pick the best representatives for our values, we can defeat the global Socialist movement that is running amuck in both our state and our nation.

United we stand!

United we will win!!

That, friends, is the American way.

Stand Up with Empire State Conservatives!

Jeff Moore