Opinion: Why the Free Market is a Better Option Than Public Utilities

Free and open competition coupled with the American Spirit can and will rise to any occasion!

There are more than a few areas in our society that have begotten some sort of social programming.

These areas continue to underperform, while taxing the populace in excess.

You know what I think?

I think that the utility power grid system should be disemboweled.


Think about it…

The grid is a monopoly run by the government, anyway!

The producer / supplier sell it to themselves, and then they sell it again.

The government owns it, so why not just make it universal, like the popular Free College for All idea?

Just kidding!

Here’s how it would work in that scenario, though:

If you pay your rent, if you pay your mortgage, if you pay your property taxes, etc., then your lights and your heat stay on.

There is no separate billing.

This is where the fleecing occurs, at present!

The landlords and the banks are not paying the dues per se'.

Instead, it is built into the whole process…

As long as taxes are paid, as long as either the rent or the mortgage is current, and as long as the residence is maintained suitably for human dwelling, the lights and the heat will remain on.

The government is fleecing the people through public utilities.

We already pay an exorbitant amount in property tax, and in separate energy taxes.

Energy tax calculations are challenging - Tax rules and rates change frequently, and are thus difficult to track.

The local and state governments already subsidize low-income families with help on their utility bills.

Under this approach, it would help these families save in tax dollars.

It's not like it's a big social program or something - it's simple!

You buy a house, the lights come on.

You sell the house, the lights go off.

Someone else buys the house, and the lights come back on


In addition, it might even aid in the issues of evictions and squatters.

It may raise rents and mortgages marginally in the short-term, but in the long-run, it would be a huge savings for people overall.

The savings then could be returned to the marketplace, and as a result, could assist in paying for things like free-market schools.

If the government would cease its intervention and its monopolies, and if the government would let the free market work in its entirety, the economy would be better for all!

Stand up New York!

Jeff Moore