The Criminal Element of Governor Cuomo

Through the power gained by corruption, through the fear gained by that power, and through the control gained by fear, control has been received in Albany…

It is troubling to me that this great state of New York has re-elected the Criminal Element known as Andrew Cuomo back into power.

As his lackeys fall around him, the Criminal Element continues to stand in control of the state.

Andrew Cuomo has robbed every taxpayer in this state - Even those who follow him so loyally!

That is why so many people are leaving.

It’s not the weather!

Taxpayer money that never reaches its intended destination because of greed, narcissism, megalomania ,and pure corruption is thievery, and the act of a tyrant!!

Meanwhile, our ‘King’ continues to strip away at our constitutional rights, while providing a haven for even more of a criminal element. 

Why would the state of New York re-elect this man to state leadership?

Is it his promises of a welfare state? Is this what sold Cuomo to a third term?

Is this ‘King' going to take good care of his minions?

Now that he has begun again, our great state is on the road to a cruel, slow, Socialist death!

Taxes will continue to rise dramatically.

Gun control will take even more extreme measures, and the working people will continue to flee the oppression.

Taxes going up equals taxpayers moving out.

Not a viable economic plan, is it?

Oh, but wait: Infrastructure will be maintained at a minimum level, except in some areas…

Upstate will continue not to matter.

Do you remember what Americans do to oppressive tyrants?

If you love this state for all its natural resources,

If you love this state for its long history and tradition,

If you truly love New York,

Vote against Cuomo in 2022!

Stand up New York!

Jeff Moore