Sorry Democrats - Walls DO Work!

So the big government shutdown continues, and everyone is blaming everyone else!

Government employees are now missing their first paychecks of the shutdown, and apparently it’s another humanitarian crisis!!

How do these people not have any money in savings?

The Democrats are so upset, that they flew to Puerto Rico to watch Lin Manuel-Miranda perform in Hamilton.

That makes sense… 

Trump is in D.C., WORKING, and the Democrats are schmoozing and boozing in the Caribbean!

But let’s get exciting here people -Let’s talk about WALLS!


Thanks to my Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Farmingdale in Security Systems Administration with a concentration in Aviation Security, I understand the value of physical barriers…

Thanks to CNN’s Jim Acosta, Democrats can see that walls work, also!

Physical barriers are an essential part of any security protocol - Whether it be at an airport, at a prison, at a business, or at a border.

The Wall, however, is not a magic-fix - It will still require our brave men and women of the Border Patrol to do their jobs… 

‘But what about the tunnels?,’ Democratic lawmakers may ask!

How easy do you think it is to dig a tunnel several hundred (to possibly thousands) of feet in length - Never mind that it has to be both stable and big enough for human beings to fit through?

Oh yeah: Both the entrance and the exit have to be concealed well enough to not be found out by would-be diggers!

How many migrants flee poverty with extremely advanced construction tools?

I’m guessing not that many…

 There are two real reasons why the Democrats won’t give funding for the wall:

1) It’s because they know it will work!

They hate Trump so much, that they cannot in any way allow him to get a win on this Border Wall issue.

If they do, 2020 is lost for them!

Let’s be honest: They have garbage candidates anyway, but a win on the Wall basically insures a win for Trump in 2020. 

2) The Democrats need to bring in a new voter base since they are losing large parts of both the Black and the Hispanic communities.

People are waking up to the lies of the Democratic Plantation.

They’re beginning to vote with their minds, and not with their skin color.

I recently had Khaliq Rodriquez from the Black Conservative Movement on our podcast (can be found on Soundcloud and iTunes) and we discussed this very issue…

If the Wall works, a large voter base for the Democrats will be denied entry into the United States!

 They will fight tooth-and-nail to maintain their control over our lives…

“But what about the 27-40% of illegals who enter via plane and overstay their visa? The Wall won’t do anything about that!,” they’ll claim.

That is why we have ICE - To take care of those people!

Even if that many illegals come into the country through those means, it still leaves between 60-73% of illegals coming across the Southern Border.

Math matters people - Even if Ocasio-Cortez would have you believe otherwise.

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom.