How the Free Market Can Solve the Public Education System

Free and open competition coupled with the American Spirit can and will rise to any occasion!

There are more than a few areas in our society that have begotten some sort of social programming.

These areas continue to underperform, while taxing the populace in exuberance!

Lets take a look at Public Schools…

You know what I think?

I think the public school system should be turned over to the free market!


The public school system is in constant turmoil over funding, performance, and low graduation rates, among many other ills…

Public schools are closing all over New York State.

The New York State Education Department has identified almost 2,000 priority and focus schools as underperforming, and under federal accountability requirements.

There is yet another category to this maligned group, and that is struggling schools, of which there are many!

These aforementioned schools are failing to bring an acceptable number of students to a graduation date, and thousands of young people may be destined to low-paying jobs and social welfare ‘benefits,’ as a result… 

New York State has dumped millions of tax dollars into these schools with new government programs, and yet these schools have continued with unacceptable graduation rates.

According to the State of New York Failing Schools Report released by the Governor's office, "New York spending per pupil rose from $11,546 in 2003 to $19,552 in 2013.”

As of today, per-pupil spending is 84% higher than the national average.

Our dear Governor seems to be touting himself for his commitment to education, while an unacceptable number of schools are failing badly - And closing!

What Governor Cuomo is committed to is your tax dollars.

The state is financing the spending spree, which is now listed at over $58.3 billion dollars.

Let me reiterate: The state spends almost $20,000 dollars of your money per pupil, and our school system is failing far too many!

There are many ills in the public school system, but there are two things in this world that we can count on: Free market capitalism, and the American Spirit!

Eliminate the public school system, and open it up to the free market!!

Say ‘hello’ to options and opportunity.

Say ‘hello’ to parents being in control of their children’s education. 

It's not like this is totally out of left field: Private school vouchers and other ideas have been talked about!

It’s in the realm of reason.

There are already private schools on the market -It's just that the market is not a free one!

Let's take a deeper look:

'How could that work? Private schools are expensive, and are only for the wealthy!', you may be saying to yourself.

First, by eliminating over $58 billion from the state budget, and by returning it to the taxpayers, more people would have more money to choose how best to educate their children. 

Second, we can provide incentives and various perks to start-up schools to help them get established.

Third, homeschooling, assisted tutors, and church schools also work very well in this scenario!

Now there’s a business opportunity that is open to the free market.

New schools and new tutors want and need your enrollment.

The competition for your student would be fierce, and would thereby set up a fair-market value for their enrollment in an educational program.

The teachers would also have a whole new market for their profession!

A qualified teacher with an entrepreneurial spirit can start their own enterprise, and thrive! 

Isn't that awesome?

America's great! Capitalism is cool!!

How do you sell your new school or tutorship?

The same way as any business: You provide a high-quality service at value pricing. 

Parents would then be shopping for schools.

As a result, they would be looking for quality teachers in a conducive educational environment at a price-to-value rate. 

If the wise free-market school wants to sell their school to prospective parents, they would recruit the best teachers available, while providing them the best learning environments possible.

Supply always follows demand in the free market!

What's more?

Well sought-after teachers’ salaries will rise, and they will have more leverage to negotiate their salaries.

Once again, the Invisible Hand will be setting a fair-market value!

Not only would we have more quality schools and teachers - We would have more specialized schools with teachers that focus on specialized subject, matter such as (but not limited to) trades.

Question: Does your school allow prayer?

Should it?

Does your school recite the Pledge of Allegiance?

Should it? 

Does your school have the best available teachers?

Should it?

Options for opportunity would be available at a fair-market value!

Last but far from least, School Safety and Security cannot be left out of an optimal learning environment.

As Governor Cuomo plans to move forward with more gun control measures using school safety as the vanguard, we broach a hot topic!

The free-market school would be free to set their own safety standards without being hamstrung by the government.

As the parent interviewing prospective schools, you can find out if they have such things as security guards, cameras, single-point entry, and so on…

If the school wants to sell its wares, it will meet the demand of its prospects, and it will create a new market for safety and security companies, as well!

It is my belief that a free-market school system would provide an environment that would be a lot less prone to gun (and other types of) violence.

At the end of the day, it's about choices and options for opportunity. 

You, the parent, will get to choose the school. 

You, the parent, will do both the research and the qualification check.

You, the parent, will visit the schools and teachers before deciding on what’s best for your child.

You'll make the decision on how and what your child is being taught. These things won’t be decided upon by the government.

If the free market was allowed to work in its entirety within all levels of education, we would have both safer and high-quality schools.

Stand up New York

Jeff Moore