The Problems with the Rooney Rule

Let’s examine the NFL and their biggest flop; the Rooney Rule.

The Rooney Rule is mild affirmative action, requiring NFL teams to interview at least one minority candidate when seeking to fill a coaching position.

Just like affirmative action in other sectors, it is legislation trying to make up for inequality in the past.

As we all know, you cannot legislate equality in the job market, as people want to hire who they think is the best candidate for the job. 

While the Rooney Rule has led to a rise in black coaches, it is more of an annoyance to teams than a boost for minority coaches.

If the Jets want to hire Adam Gase (which they unfortunately did yesterday), for example, and they know he is the only person that they want to hire, why should they have to interview anyone else -Let alone be forced to interview a minority coach?

It also serves as a disservice to minority coaches, as they are not getting legitimate interviews due to many teams already having an idea of who they want to hire. 

This is the NFL - The top candidates are well-known.

You aren’t walking off the street and into a head coaching job…

As a result, Leftists are decrying the Rooney Rule as ineffective.


AP News claims “one black coach of the last 13 is a troubling trend in a league dominated by black players. Cyclical or not, that’s not the number envisioned by the NFL when the Rooney Rule was put in 16 years ago.

Diversity is one of the NFL’s strengths, and one of the big reasons it is the most popular sport in America.

Right now, there’s not nearly enough of it at the head coach level.”

Talk about speaking out of your ass!

Diversity of race isn’t a strength -Diversity of ideas is!!

Just because someone is black, Hispanic, Asian or even white, doesn’t mean that they deserve a seat at the table. 

The AP also decried the firing of five black head coaches.

First, Marvin Lewis - Former head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals.

He should have been fired years ago!

Lewis had an abysmal record in 2018, and he’s made the playoffs just one time in over 10 years with the organization. 

Todd Bowles of our beloved Jets was an awful coach who constantly made huge clock management mistakes in game, and led an undisciplined team to three consecutive losing seasons.

These coaches weren’t fired because they were black - They were fired because they sucked at their jobs!

They just happen to be black…

We have seen this from the Left far too many times.

They claim that conservatives are the racists, and yet they make everything about race, all the time!

USA TODAY interviewed an affirmative action researcher on the lack of diversity in NFL coaches, and subsequently posted in their article:

"I liked it better when there was eight and not just two," said Richard Lapchick, director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at Central Florida. "But I do think there is a cyclical nature to this and that may be part of it."

Lapchick, who authors annual reports on the level of diversity in all the major professional leagues, said the NFL experienced a similar dip in the hiring of black coaches after the 2011 season into 2014. Then the hiring picked up again to the point in the last two years when there were eight coaches of color — including Panthers coach Ron Rivera, who is Hispanic.

He's hoping that this dip may also be short-lived, while others believe promising black coaches may get more opportunities if the Rooney Rule was expanded to include coordinator positions, too.

Why is the Left so obsessed with race? 

Why does it matter what race a coach is?

Fans and owners want the best man for the job!

This isn’t the 1950’s, where the Jim Crow South was preventing blacks from gaining employment.

You cannot force diversity, and we shouldn’t be looking to… 

Affirmative action minimizes the accomplishments of minority coaches who actually deserve a shot at coaching!

The reason why NFL ratings are down besides the Kaepernick trash-collective (kneelers) is that the product on the field has gone down in quality over the past few years.

Call it cry-baby athletes, call it a lack of practices, but a part of it is moral signal-calling, and the pressure to hire coaches of color.

I don’t care if you are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, purple, green or a unicorn - Hire the best man for the job!

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom