More Leftist Social Media Bias

As we all know, the Instagram Police are relentless monsters with tentacles specifically reaching to strangle Conservative pages.

This past Wednesday night, December 19th, 2018, two of our posts from a few weeks ago were removed due to “violations of community standards.”

We at Empire State Conservative Network are now being targeted, as well…

Translation: We expressed Conservative or non-PC viewpoints. 

The first post was just words, stating a very simple fact: The behavior of the migrant caravan at the border is similar to Palestinian behavior at the Israeli border.

In both instances, women and children are pushed to the front of the mob. They’re used as human shields while men hurl rocks at border patrol agents.

You’d think this post would be innocuous enough. Apparently, though, our page was being scoured and constantly reported!


Because snowflakes are getting triggered -That’s why!

In all seriousness, someone with Left-leaning views scoured our page, and reported every single photo.

The second post was a screenshot of a story from Yahoo! News. In the story, a transgendered person stated that since she was being treated as her preferred gender (which was male), she decided to tell everyone she was trans.

The comment below the story made reference to begging for attention, which was accurate based on the information given. 

Post deleted!

I also commented on a post by the famous Laura Loomer, commenting that the Palestinian people are being led by Hamas, which is a terrorist organization that should be treated as such.

That comment was deleted by Instagram, as well. 

 I created a post detailing what was said, and Loomer liked my post. All I was doing was backing her up! 

In contrast, when I reported several extreme anti-Semitic posts, Instagram said those users did not violate community standards.

Posts calling Jews parasites, terrorists, and murders were all fine with Instagram. Calling out terrorists and violent migrant behavior, though, is unacceptable in their eyes.

Just to be clear, extremely mild Conservative posts are deemed hate speech, while Jew-bashing is allowed. 


I’m sure that more of our future posts will be targeted, as we’ve since decided to take on PETA and Planned Parenthood on Instagram, as well.

A small price to pay…

It’s no secret that the Left hates the Jewish people ever since the creation of Israel. The Left always sides with the group that appears to be ‘fighting for justice.’

Let us be very clear: Palestinians have no claim to land in Israel!

They are not being oppressed. They are free to leave and settle other land.

Israel is not rounding them up and murdering them. Rather, Israel is protecting its sovereignty as a nation, just as it always has when it’s been threatened.

We must do the same by building the Wall, and continuing to aid our border patrol agents!

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom