A Sickening Truth About Our Government

Take a look at whats going on right in front of our faces: We have an absolutely disgusting display, which also serves as a confirmation, of how horrifically broken (in many ways by design) our government and its representatives are.

Through a GoFundMe page built by a war veteran, we the people, literally, are attempting to put physical money together to fund a border wall.

Our government (which is of no surprise to anyone who uses logic) is corrupt.

Many times over, the elected representatives of both parties prove themselves to be built and sold by globalist lobbyists.

Due to the backbone shown by our President, it appears that he will veto any bill to partially fund the government, and to subsequently avoid a shutdown, if five billion dollars in funding is not allocated to build a physical wall on our southern border.

He’s not content with a symbolic bill with the words " border security” thrown in there - This has meant nothing for decades!

No half-measure of lies and corrupt funds meant to appease the masses will be tolerated. All the public has continuously clamored for is basic security and the rights of citizens being put first!

As touched on in my last piece, the Wall should be a bipartisan issue.

Sadly, the political Left hates our nation, and wants to destroy it through various channels…

It starts with illegal immigration.

Many on the "Right" have been exposed time and again as standing for nothing. This leaves us with attempting to self-fund our own national security.

Beyond that, as mentioned, "Republicans" owned all three bodies of elected governing, as well as a majority of governorships and legislatures throughout the land.

The result? Nothing was done!

The time is right now, and the President (if he vetoes the bill) will force the hand of elected officials to explain why they continue to put the well-being of everyone but the American people first.

We are about to give $10.5 billion in aid to Southern and Central American nations, but we can't find five billion dollars for our own wall?


NAFTA was the disastrous bill that was supposed to improve the standing of the people’s lives in all of the nations these illegals are fleeing and trying to get into our country from.

Another fail!

Time and again, we have been deceived, and it’s beyond repair. We must continue to fight!