Don't Let Fear Take Your Freedom

As talked about yesterday on the podcast, the courts have ruled that the New York State ban on nunchakus has been ruled unconstitutional. 

The ban was created in 1974 out of FEAR that street gangs inspired by the great Bruce Lee would start carrying them on the streets.

Besides the fact that nunchakus are both extremely complicated and difficult to wield, they are not that easily concealed due to the fact that they are essentially two batons held together with a chain. 

If you read that last paragraph at all, you will see that the word ‘FEAR’ is in all caps. We continually legislate away our freedoms because of fear.

Gun-Free Zones are created out of fear and are completely ineffective. Firearms restrictions for law-abiding civilians are created out of fear and are also completely useless. 

As we have discussed many times, criminals do not care about laws, which is why they are criminals.

All these UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun laws do is remove rights from law-abiding citizens.

You hear Governor Cuomo and all these liberals talk about banning AR-15s. You’ll hear them discuss how they plan to add all these new additions to the SAFE Act.

Not once do they ever talk about how they are going to take guns away from criminals - They only ever talk about punishing law-abiding gun owners with their proposed legislation. 

Why are everyday citizens being punished for the acts of criminals?


Fear is what allows politicians to strip us of our rights in the belief that the government will protect us.

That is laughable - The government has a 30-year War on Drugs that they are losing terribly. Drugs are on the streets, in schools, and even in federal prisons.

Tell me again how they are going to take guns away from criminals?

The truth is that they aren’t, and that they never will. The Left uses these gun laws to get the fearful to re-elect them.

They strip us of our constitutional rights for a paycheck. It makes me sick! 

If you think you don’t need guns to protect yourself from the government, we don’t even have to rehash Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or even Communist China over the course of the past 100 years - Just look at modern-day France.

The people of France are rising up in protest against their government for unfair taxes on carbon fuels. France has no right to bear arms. Protestors are being beaten, and in some cases killed, just for expressing their freedom of speech. 

Oh wait, I guess they don’t really have that either, do they?

Women in the Muslim world are beaten and killed for expressing their want for equal rights.

I bet you that if they showed up with guns, they wouldn’t be getting stoned to death!

Not every problem has a peaceful solution. Sometimes, oppressed people must rise up, and there is violence that goes along with it.

If you want to avoid this in America, we need to take back our country. We need to start electing officials who will repeal these blatant violations of our civil rights. 

The worst part about these new restrictions that Czar Cuomo wants implemented is the $1 million liability insurance he wants required for all gun owners.

Let’s not forget that the insurance offered for FREE by NRA membership is unavailable in our state thanks to Cuomo’s botched policy. This looks to be not only a money grab, but to be a page taken out of the Left’s playbook.

It’s a direct attack on the rights of lower income families. If you cannot afford $1 million dollars in liability insurance, then you don’t have the right to bear arms? 


Stop being complacent. Stop just “dealing with it.”

Stand up and do something about it!

Stop sitting at home on Election Day. Stop allowing the naïve snowflakes to decide how you get to live because you are apathetic, and because you believe that your voice doesn’t count.

It does!

Our rapid growth over the last month, and the sheer number of gun owners in New York proves that we can take the state.

If you want something done, you have to get off your ass. Plain and simple.  Defend the Second Amendment, or we will lose the rest.

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom