The Death of Obamacare

Judge Reed O’Connor of the Federal District Court in Fort Worth said that the individual mandate requiring people to have health insurance as put forth by Obamacare was unconstitutional. He also ruled that the rest of Obamacare could not stand without the mandate, essentially killing the Affordable Care Act.


Obamacare might have been the biggest government power grab in the last 25 years - If not ever. 

Forcing people to buy health insurance, and giving them a tax penalty if they refused, is the definition of government overreach. 

 The fact that there wasn’t an all-out revolution in response to the totalitarian nature of Obamacare is disappointing. Obama tried to hide behind the ability of Congress to tax the people, but this was clearly a smoke screen designed to compel people to join Obamacare.

Besides the fact that the coverage sucked, and it was all being subsidized by taxpayers, for many people, Obamacare was both unnecessary and expensive.  

At the time it was implemented I was 26, and was rarely sick or injured. The government tried to charge me $385 a month for health insurance. 

For just me. One person. 

It was a power grab that the Democrats used to gain both millions of dollars, and millions of votes. 

The health industry accounts for approximately 60% of the US economy, and by the government taking control of it, it subsequently increased its power. 

Like most government initiatives, it was both extremely flawed and extremely unpopular. 

Many people were forced to change doctors and lost coverage that they once had, all in the name of subsidizing health care for people who weren’t putting in their fair share. 

The Left’s reaction to this is, of course, completely overblown. 

They claim that millions will be left without coverage, and that students up to age 26 will not be able to be covered on their parents’ insurance. 

This is nonsense. 

I was covered under my parents’ insurance both when I was in school and up until I turned 26. This was before the Affordable Care Act. 

There are other avenues to obtain medical coverage. Of course, Liberals will come out and say that this judge is a racist, that he doesn’t care about minorities, and that this is all Trump’s fault.  

Trump has already called for Congress to replace the Affordable Care Act with something better – Something that will cover pre-existing conditions. This isn’t to say that the government should be in charge of my healthcare - It can’t even keep drugs out of either our schools or our federal prisons. 

The big winner in all of this are the people of the United States. The Left wants Medicare for All, and all the other ‘Obviously-Communist’ policies that they propagate. 

Besides the fact that there is no money for these types of programs, giving the government control of the healthcare system allows it to decide who lives and who dies. 

 As was the case with Alfie Evans, the little baby boy from England that you might have heard of last year. 

Alfie was dying, and the British government said that he could not be treated anymore, and that he had to be taken off of life support. 

The government told parents of a baby that they HAD to take him off life support. See the problem yet?

Alfie’s parents refused to take this lying down, and reached out for help across the globe. 

Doctors in Italy offered to try an experimental treatment that they thought had a chance to save Alfie’s life. The British government refused to let the parents take Alfie to Italy. 

In fact, they stationed police officers outside of the hospital room to make sure he could not be moved. 

The British government sentenced a baby to die. This is how socialism works. The government gets all the power, and the people are at its mercy. 

No thank you - I’ll take my freedom any day of the week!

The Left is so concerned about how Trump is going to put gays and minorities in camps, yet they continually vote for people who are trying to give the federal government more power. 

They vote to strip us of  both our rights and of our ability to protect ourselves from the government due to fear and laziness. 

Ignorance is the tool of the Left. 

They tell people that gun laws work when we know that they don’t. They tell you that the rich don’t pay enough taxes when we know that they do. 

The people not paying their fair share are the ones receiving a government welfare check each month. 

They lie and scheme and prey on the weak to stay in power. Knowledge is power, and they look to keep people ignorant of the facts. 

The striking down of Obamacare is a huge step in the right direction. Now we need to take the fight to the SAFE Act and help bring freedom back to New York. 

Don’t Let Fear Take Your Freedom