Understanding the Left

In these post mid-term days, and even before, I have become more and more agitated.

The fire runs deep.

There are far too many people on the Conservative side of the aisle, be it writers, pundits, commentators, or the everyday political observer, who continue to engage in debates about why ‘the Left doesn't agree with this policy,’ or that ‘It’s good for our country,’ or why they don't stand behind that policy in unison because its good for our country.

The point here is being continuously missed, or simply not accepted.

It is a massive point to miss! The Left has no interest in what is best for this country.

At their core root, the Liberal Left, specifically the current wave that really started its push in the early part of the 2000's, are a product of a re-birth in Marxist leanings.

These Leftists are not Democrats of old. They aren't even Democrats of fairly recent!

These are radicals. These are people who have been indoctrinated with a hatred for everything our nation was founded on.

They hate the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, our courts. Everything. They see it as oppressive, racist, sexist, immoral, and any other adjective you can find describing perceived peril.

What’s even more dangerous is that they use the exact things they hate to try and break the system.

The answer when you look at it is quite simple: It’s in their voting records for elected officials, and in their talking points and written opinions for pundits - They seek to destroy what we are founded on, and they hope to replace it with either communism or socialism.

This is not because they all care about the fate of their fellow man and woman - They care about power!

We as Conservatives need to understand and embrace the unfortunate reality that is that there is no middle ground with these people.

We need to expose it. We need to capitalize on it.

Most of this country (even those who are more moderate) are not in-tune with the things these Leftists are pushing for.

At the end of the day, it’s factual to describe our nation as a Judeo-Christian country that implores those values as a way of life.

Giving power to people who cease to tear that to shreds is lunacy.

People on our side need to wake up - And fast!

Ask the right question, which is not why the Left isn't interested in our best solutions, but how to expose and combat them to save our nation?

Pay Attention. Time is running thin to win this war!