The Border Wall and Fake Republicans

The renewed fight for the security of the Southern Border in the form of the wall is upon us.

This is the final showdown before the Democratic House taking session in January 2019 constantly gets in the way for the next two years.

It is shameful, and it’s a fault of the Republicans that we are even at this point.

RHINOS, the Never Trump movement, and empty suit, spineless hacks who did not back the President’s MAGA agenda stood in the way of (at minimum) getting this border wall vote passed in the House and heard in the Senate.

We had the Presidency, the House and the Senate Majorities for two full years, and we did nothing on this issue.

As I and many others have said, the only positive of losing the most recent House election was that multiple RHINO Never Trumpers were eliminated, and can now be replaced with MAGA candidates in 2020.

There is almost no difference between a "Republican" like John Kasich, and a Left-wing Democrat.

They will vote along party lines for the easy issues like taxes and abortion rights, but when it comes to taking a stand on real issues that require a backbone (like immigration), the weak Republicans always seem to sell out.

With majorities in the House, and by significant margins, the Republicans could and should have both forced and passed a vote on funding and building the Wall.

They never did.

The hardliners, like Jim Jordan, did not have the numbers to disrupt the resolution votes needed to fund the government.

We should have shut it down. We should have forced the Senate to vote on the bill, it would have failed as archaic measures cause us to need 60 votes to pass a bill.

A supermajority.

The failed vote could have been shown in public. It could have been a rallying cry for the Senate side of the Election.

It didn't happen, and now we are here.

Tuesday’s display of public exposure by Trump to the Left over this debate was the beginning of what needs to happen to win this battle.

We need to shut the government down.

Let it shut down, and let the Left squirm and try to explain to the American people why the government shut down over what boils down to National Security. Let them have to explain day in and day out why they are supporting the interests of illegals and foreign nations over our own people.

This is how we win the public perception argument. This is how we expose the hypocrisy. It’s how we start marching towards 2020, and we really start to make things happen.

This is our shot. Wake Up. Make it Happen!